You are the product of all the choices you make

The results you get to enjoy or not to enjoy in your life are all rooted in one single factor, namely the choices you make or fail to make each day. As difficult as it may be for you to accept your current circumstances are the result of all the choices, both good and bad that you have made. The state of your health, business success or lack thereof, the type and quality of all your relationships and your bank balance are all a result of your accumulated choices. When you can see that all your accumulated choices have added up until they created all the problems you are experiencing in your life right now, you soon realise that the only way to change things is to begin to make different, better choices.

The only challenge you face is deciding on what the right choices are. All progress requires change, unfortunately not all change results in progress. As long as you keep doing things the way you have always done things, you will most certainly keep getting the same results. So in order to see different results you must commit to do things differently. Will all the changes you make to the way you do things bring about the results you desire? Of course not. The secret is to constantly review your progress and if any changes you make are not delivering the desired results, then make a new choice. Keep improving, making positive changes until you see the progress that you desire.

There is a simple formula that will help you to make better choices that will ensure that the changes you make will deliver better results.

  • Increase the time you invest into your personal growth.
  • Spend more time each day doing things that are aligned with the outcome you want to achieve.
  • Don’t avoid doing things that appear difficult.
  • Do those things that you don’t want to do.

When you explore the path of most resistance, you very often uncover different or better ways of achieving the outcomes you desire. This path is the one you resist following the most, yet in many cases this is the exact path that leads you to the success that you desire. Achieving the outcomes we want in our lives is always about making the right choices and having the discipline to sometimes do things that are difficult or unpleasant. When you learn to focus on the outcome and all the benefits that this outcome will bring, you do not seem to notice the short term discomfort and you have the willpower to do the tough things.

The reality is simple, if you are not happy with the outcomes you have been enjoying in your life, up until now. Then a lot of the choices you have been making are not aligned with what you want. You need to make different choices that will work and will deliver on your expectations. The definition of insanity is “Repeating the same behaviour day after day and expecting different results”. Commit to make some meaningful choices today and stop expecting the path of least resistance to deliver on your dreams.

We work best when we have routine in our lives, we are creatures of habit and most of what we do is governed by our habits. As long as you allow your success to depend on your current habits and routines, nothing will change. You need to talk yourself out of accepting the easy path of low resistance or from expecting the comfortable route to deliver on your dreams. When you make this choice, your unconscious negative habits are like a strong flowing river, they will continue to take you downstream, away from your goals and dreams. Until you make the choice to make some different choices and you commit to begin doing things that may at first feel uncomfortable or difficult. You will remain trapped in an unfulfilling and empty life. When you make the choice to do things differently and to do things that at first may appear difficult, you are effectively using your willpower to begin forming a new success habits that will deliver on your dreams. After applying your willpower to carry out these daily tasks for around 66 days, these very tasks that felt uncomfortable and were unpleasant, will now become your new habit set and they will just be how you do things. Research has shown that any repeated behaviour will become an entrenched habit after about 66 days. If you want to change the results that you are enjoying, then you must commit to use your willpower to create a new set of success habits that will support the success that you desire.


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