Can you Offer your Best?

I know that discovering and living according to our true life purpose is something most of us wrestle with very often. Have you had the courage to explore and discover your true life purpose or grand vision for your life? Stop leaving your life up to chance any longer and as Daren Hardy says in his statement below. Grab the reins of your life and charge into a future where you have vision and direction. Commit to make every day count from this moment on and start to play at your best all the time.”There is a really profound statement by Daren Hardy, where he epitomizes why we are here and what purpose our lives really serve. “Don’t leave your life up to chance. Grab the reins of your life, and charge gallantly in the direction of your grandest vision We are here to live a fulfilling and complete life, where we always strive to offer only our best.

No one, not even you can ask yourself for any more than your best. Accept that you are living on purpose and with vision when you are committed to constantly grow and improve and that you are driven to always give your best. No matter where your life may be at the moment or what you may be doing right now. If you can focus on making this version of you; doing whatever it is you are doing; the best possible version of you. Then you have discovered your purpose and you have established a vision of creating a meaningful life of harmonious balance. Strive to always be the best you possible. This is not about striving to be “THE BEST”. Trying to be the best only causes imbalance and stress in your life.  Living with purpose and vision is about always trying to be “YOUR BEST

Life is an amazing journey in which we get to decide how we live, what we do and what impact we will have. Take a leap to the end of your life right now. With the awareness you now have, about purpose and the wisdom of years, take a look back over your life. Do you see a life of value and contribution, a life lived to its maximum potential? All of these things are possible for you. If you stop complaining about the challenges you are facing and looking for all the reasons why you cannot succeed. All you must accept and believe is that anything is possible, if you simply strive to become better today than you were yesterday. Work to include a dose of daily discipline in which you learn more every day. Commit to apply all the new knowledge and skill in your life and you will grow into a life of meaning and success.

Think about what it would be like after you have traveled to the end of your life, looked back and seen a life of meaning and value. Now all that is required to actually begin living this life; is for you to try your best every day going forward. Work every day to make yourself just a little better today than you were yesterday. These small efforts and daily disciplines, over time will compound into a life of purpose. You have the benefit of awareness and the ability to try your best every day. Why can you not create the life you have visualized? I believe that living a life of meaning and value is possible for you. Now all that is needed is for you to believe it too. When you believe it, your journey through life opens up and the path to seeing it will unfold before you.


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