Discover The Why Behind Everything You Do.


Accept that your journey is now and exists at this moment and that you have an ability to do something totally unique and special. Invest time to discover your “niche”, your unique purpose, then live in alignment with this and anything and everything is possible for you.

Love deeply, laugh often, share friendships, give joyfully, work enthusiastically, appreciate nature, fill your life with as many moments that make you feel completely alive as is humanly possible and you will have found the essence of your purpose in this physical existence.

You have a unique gift that is waiting to be discovered and put to use to create the life of your dreams. Although this gift of your unique personality and individual talents may seem hidden, once you find yours, use it with persistence and you will be rewarded with a sense of happiness and deep satisfaction, nothing else can provide.

Your Life Purpose is the key to unlock your potential and will show you what you can actually accomplish. True Life Purpose is the “Why” behind everything you do, it is the reason behind all the goals you choose and ultimately all the actions you take.

When you discover and get to live your true vocation, you no longer need to count the days between weekends; instead you get to make every day count as your life unfolds. You send a message of satisfaction out to the world every day.

The path to living in the magic of life is found by identifying, acknowledging, honoring and living according to your life purpose. I believe that our life purpose is hidden within all of us. Take the time to discover your life purpose; it is the foundation on which we create our future.

Never allow your mind to operate without your heart or your intellect to rule without emotion, as your emotions are the barometer of your life experience and your guides that show you if something is in line with your life purpose and is good or bad for you. Allow yourself to feel your emotions and then have the courage to act on the messages they send to you

When you discover your Why, and you discover your core passion or life purpose, you have the fuel that will propel you to incredible heights of excellence. This deep personal connection will unlock your passion and allow you to live a fulfilling and completely actualized life, filled with joy and success

Your thoughts, deeds and actions today, determine EXACTLY how your future will turn out. Consistent patterns of thought and your daily deeds most certainly create the tangible reality that will become your future. Does it not make sense then, to practice the success habit of consciously focusing your thoughts and performing actions that are in line your Life purpose and Vision of the future? When you train yourself to practice this on a daily basis, you equip yourself to design and create the exact future you desire.


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Andrew Horton

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