Effortless Success

Oprah says that success is when “Opportunity meets Preparation”.  This is a very simplistic view of success, yet a very realistic approach. From my experience it is usually the simplest approach that seems to be the most appropriate and offers the best opportunity for effortless and sustainable success.

There are two other crucial concepts necessary to ensure that you are able to explore and exploit any opportunities, namely you must have a deep rooted belief in your ability to achieve the desired results and you must be prepared to take appropriate and persistent action that is in line with achieving the outcome you want.

From this it becomes clear that success is dependent on four things.

1)  Ensuring that you invest enough effort, time and resources into acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for any opportunity that you may wish to utilise.

2)  Actively discovering or uncovering any opportunities that are suitable and match your needs and expectations. Opportunities are very often disguised as challenges and it is a crucial skill to be able to sift through any challenges or road blocks that cross our paths and try to discover the opportunities that lie hidden within these challenges. Create the belief that challenges are the very catalysts that will allow you to see things differently, allow you to discover new opportunities and unlock your hidden potential.

3)  No matter how good any opportunity may be or how well prepared you are, nothing can or will happen unless you believe in your ability to succeed or until you begin to take action that is aligned with the desired outcome.

4)  Set time slots daily to allow you to take consistent and persistent focused actions that are designed to exploit any opportunity.

For you to achieve effortless success, stop complicating everything in your life and accept that success is simple and inevitable when you follow this simple process.  Develop and consistently apply a system that ensures you have designated time slots available in your day for applying this system consistently.

The compound effect of consistently taking small daily actions over time, will ensure that you are able to achieve anything you desire.

Author: Andrew Horton Inspirational Speakers

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