How Are You Feeding Your Mind Every Day?

It is a sad reality that most people have a favorite restaurant where they can feed their body, but they do not have a favorite author or type of book, where they can feed their mind. Why do you think this is what society has accepted as the norm?

Until we turn about 18 we have so much new information, skill and knowledge to assimilate that our brains are equipped with an accelerated learning curve to help us cope with all the new knowledge. Our capacity to learn during this period of our lives is incredible. We are able to learn an incredible amount in a very short space of time.

Fortunately this accelerated learning continues for some people, but unfortunately learning virtually stops for most people after they get their first job. They never pick up a book after they leave school ever again. Of course these people do learn a little from experience. Sometimes they do things right and sometimes they do things wrong. This is not a very efficient way of growing, learning and expanding your skills and knowledge.

Can you imagine how you would separate yourself from the herd, if you continued promoting the accelerated learning curve in your life, by feeding your mind with new information, knowledge and skills every day, for the rest of your life? Imagine the capacities you would be able to develop, the new skills you would gather and how much you would be able to learn in a lifetime. It is never too late to be one of those people that maintain his or her learning curve throughout their lives. Develop an appetite for searching out new ideas and knowledge and make this part of your daily discipline.

Strive to constantly feed your mind and educate your philosophy by exploring the writings of great people that have gone before you. You may be unable to meet these people in person, but you can read a book written by one of them and learn from them. If you open your mind and you are willing and eager to search, there is an intellectual banquet out there just waiting for your intellectual feasting.

With all the audio programs available today it becomes really easy to find time to partake in the feast of knowledge that is all around us. You can enroll at your local mobile university. Listen to audio recordings on virtually any subject, as you commute in your car every day. The average person spends about 500 hours commuting in their car each year. That is equivalent to two semesters at university. Stop wasting this valuable time filling your mind with negative information listening to all the negative information on the radio. Change your daily routine and apply the small discipline of listening to audio recordings as you drive around. It is a very small price to pay for the reward of knowledge and growth.

Invest as much or more energy into feeding your mind as you invest into feeding your body. Constantly search out new ways of feeding your mind with great new ideas. This small new discipline will not only make you a living, but will be the small shift that will begin to make you a fortune.

Author: Andrew Horton Most Entertaining and Informative Convention Speakers South Africa


  • Once again this is a really thought provoking article. We most certainly need to shift away from neglect to a better way of doing things. Learning and growing is fundemantal to life.

    • Thanks for your feedback David. The level of fulfillment we get to enjoy and the amount of satisfaction we manage to get in our lives is directly linked to our level of knowledge and skill we have. Is it not worthwhile investing time and energy to grow our knowledge. This is a no brainer for me.

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