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Have you Found your Recipe for Success Yet?

As John Paul Getty said, the 3 secrets to financial success are merely to get up early, work hard and then just find oil. This formula for creating financial success, worked pretty well for the Getty family, as they were able to accumulate a sizable fortune over the years, using this as their recipe for wealth creation. The truth about inviting any level of financial or any other type of success into your experience, is to discover a formula, which works and then to apply it daily in your life or business

Success is a Becoming

Success is not something, which arrives one day and breaks down your door with a thunderous boom, telling you that it has arrived. It is a gradual process of becoming. As you invest into your education and growth and you learn everything you can from each challenge or setback, you gradually grow into the type of person; you need to be to attract the level of success you desire.

As you become more and you move along the path of consistent growth, where you get to realise all your goals and dreams and you stay committed to acquire all the new skills and knowledge you need. Where you are driven to develop the new success habits, which support your daily efforts and you gather all the resources you need, to achieve and sustain the success you desire, nothing can stop you from succeeding

Sustainable Success, is a Wonderful Journey filled with meaning

All super achievers know that success is never about reaching a number of destinations throughout their lives.  They know that meaningful success and fulfilment comes to those people, who create an enjoyable pathway to travel along, as they move from one milestone to the next. The key to unlocking your life of meaning and fulfilment is to love the journey and stay committed to a life-long process of personal development and growth.

A life of meaning and fulfilment is truly paved with wonder, love grace and enjoyment. Dare to live, love, laugh and enjoy the wonderful privilege of the great journey you will get to travel, as you grow every day. Life is truly an amazing Journey, enjoy the Ride.

Discovering your Recipe for Success

As I said earlier, inviting any level of success into your experience is all about having the right recipe and then applying that recipe daily, until you succeed. One of the easiest and most effective ways of discovering, learning and applying a recipe, which works, is to find the right mentor. By surrounding yourself with advisors, mentors, experts or friends who have succeeded in the specific tasks you need to be great at, you set yourself up to realize all your dreams.

Ask for Help

Asking for help and guidance, from the people around us, is one of the most difficult things we do. It feels really daunting to contact successful people to ask them for on-going advice and assistance. The thing to keep in mind when you wish to approach someone to mentor you is that there is no such thing as rejection.  Before you ask them to mentor you, you have no one acting in that role and if the prospective mentor declines your proposal, then after asking them, you still have no one to mentor you, nothing has changed. If the prospective mentor however agrees to be your mentor, then and only then do things change. It is far easier than you think to enlist the mentorship of people, who have succeeded in the areas you wish to succeed in.

Fair Exchange

Always remember that mentoring can never be a one-way Street, where you sit back and take, whilst your mentor just gives. Any successful mentoring relationship is built on a foundation of fair exchange. Constantly look for innovative ways to add real value to the life or business of anyone, who has agreed to mentor you. As long as the relationship is conducted from a win, win perspective, you will be able to sustain any mentoring relationship into the future.

People who have Failed are Great Mentors

Don’t ever discount the value of asking people, who have failed and then triumphed to be your mentor. Failure can really serve you, if you are willing to learn from failure and to avoid those same pitfalls yourself in the future.

Finding a Good Mentor

Action Idea: Look for mentors who have a recipe which works. They must have the kind of well-rounded experience you need to help you reach your goals.

Look in your Immediate Environment first

One of the easiest ways to identify prospective mentors is look within your immediate environment. If you are willing to look, there are the most incredible mentors staring you in the face, right now. Whenever I conduct Sales training or I present to sales teams, I always ask them to raise their hands if they know who the top three sales people in the company are.  Most of the sales team raise their hand.  I then ask them to leave their hand in the air if they have asked any of these top sales people for assistance or advice.  Amazingly almost all of the people put their hands down.

When I ask why they have not asked for advice or help, they all have varying answers from, I am too shy to – why would they want to help me. I then ask the three sales people to stand up and without fail they are more than willing to offer their help. After these meetings there is a huge growth in sales, not because the market improves or there is more business out there, but simply all the sales people learn how to do their jobs better. Use the resources, which may be right under your nose. People are always willing to help, if you ensure that there is always a level of fair exchange.

Finding and identifying a Mentor is easier than you think, if you follow the guidelines below:

  • Do your homework first – Identify exactly what you need and expect from a mentor. The more clarity you have, the easier it will be to identify the right person to approach.
  • Once you have clarity on what you expect, look around your environment and try to identify suitable mentors.  You can facilitate this by looking around your immediate environment; explore professional associations, news articles, Internet search engines, LinkedIn, Professional magazines, Trade shows, Industry Conferences etc.
  • After identifying a suitable mentor – you need to pose your question in the right way.  Give all the reasons why you want them to be your mentor and carefully detail how you will utilize all the assistance you get. It is crucial that you tell them exactly how much time you will require from them.
  • Research your mentor and have a good understanding of their background – use this during your initial approach.
  • Be sure to keep careful notes as you explore and try to discover the perfect mentor. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to get someone to accept your proposal.
  • Try to find creative and innovative ways to be introduced to your prospective mentor. It is always easier to approach someone as a referral. Use the name of any referring party in your initial conversation.

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