Make Meditation Work For You

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The pressures imposed by society around its expectations, regarding anything you can’t touch, feel or see, has forced us to turn down the volume on our inner all knowing voice and to repress our intuition.  If you want to learn to listen to your intuition and to turn up the volume, on your inner voice, once again, you can choose to introduce meditation into your daily routine.

Learn to Meditate

The practice of meditation helps you clear away the day-to-day distractions, which get in the way of you connecting with your inner self. When you meditate and clear away the clutter of thought. Your magical inner voice will begin to speak to you, once again.  When you learn to listen, your inner voice will deliver subtle impulses, which will guide you toward, uncovering, understanding and living your true-life purpose.

There are numerous forms of informal meditation that can allow you to empty your mind of stressful thoughts that do not serve you and allow you to hear and listen to your inner self.  The key to meditation is to take time to relax breath, listen and reflect.

Getting Started

The easiest way I have found to get into a relaxed and meditative state is to sit, with your hands clasped in your lap with your ankles touching each other in front of you. To help you to relax and to support you to slow the thoughts in your mind, you can start by listening to relaxing meditation music, commercially available everywhere. As your experience grows, it is best to get to a point where you do not need the meditation music to support you, to slow or stop your thoughts.

Make Meditation work for you

To get started feel the cool air all the way around both nostrils as it enters through your nose, breathing steadily and rhythmically as you inhale.  Hold the breath for a few seconds and then exhale, concentrating on and feeling the warm air all the way round both nostrils as the warm air leaves through your nose. As your skill grows, you can progress to a point where you no longer focus on your breathing, but instead just focus on emptying your thoughts into your clasped hands.

Try to Empty your Mind

As you meditate, the objective is to try to empty your mind and to allow your inner voice to speak to you. As you practice, and your experience grows, expect random thoughts to enter your mind on a regular basis. Learning to meditate is a process and will take time to perfect. When those random thoughts enter your mind, acknowledge them for a moment and then try  to go straight back to the practice of clearing your mind and listening to your inner voice. When getting started, try to focus and clear your mind of all thoughts for several minutes, initially seven minutes will be adequate to achieve good results.

As you become more Experienced

As your experience grows, meditating for 30 minutes or more will become very therapeutic, relaxing and will become a very effective way of listening to your inner all knowing self.  There are numerous techniques, which can help you to develop your skills and help you to get the most out of your meditation time.  Advanced meditation is very personal and as such I would recommend that, when you want to ascend to a higher level of meditation, you do some research into the type and style of meditation that best suites you.

The practice of meditation, like any new skill will take about 60 days to become an entrenched habit and form part of who you are.  Begin today to follow this process to try to find your true life’s purpose.  You already have the answers that you seek, so allow yourself to listen.

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