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The creation of the mobile Global position system has revolutionized travel and made getting lost virtually impossible. Finding your way to any destination, in a simple stress free fashion, is as simple as entering your destination and then sitting back and following the verbal instructions that follow.

You have access to a similar internal guidance system that can lead you onto the path of success and fulfillment. However self doubt, lack of belief, procrastination and simple neglect stop most people in their tracks and they never get to tap into this incredible source of power, which is our higher self, and  is connected with our True life purpose. When you discover, define and connect with your True life purpose, you will have access to your highest potential and get to live a joyous, fulfilled and complete life.


There are many ways to quiet the mind and connect or re-connect with your inner self or higher self. Breathing is one bodily function that can either be autonomic or managed under conscious control. It is for this reason that it serves as a great starting point for meditation, tai chi, yoga etc. These different forms of breathing modalities allow us to clear our minds and connect with our higher selves and in turn our True Life Purpose.


When you quiet your mind, you become the outside observer and this allows you to connect with your higher self. Learn to discern between your inner critic that will constantly be putting negative thoughts into your head and your higher self that will always be filling your head with love, joy and purpose.

When you connect with your higher self and clearly define your True Life Purpose you equip and align yourself with your core gifts and talents and you will live a life filled with passion and real meaning.

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