My Recipe For Sustainable Success

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An environment that is conducive to sustainable, long term success, happiness and fulfillment is best achieved when you commitment to the application of consistent inspired activity, skillful labor and the introduction of a set of success habits or routines into your daily program.

The recipe for living a meaningful life that is in harmony with your needs and expectations is really very simple. When this recipe is understood and applied, consistently, anyone can discover the path to living in the magic of life.

In the interest of simplicity, to create a picture for you that is easy to understand and most importantly apply in your life; I have created the formula below. This formula offers a pictorial representation of the few small shifts in philosophy, you will need to make, so that you can achieve anything in your life.

DDA X COL X (Pe + Pa) = PP

DDA  –        Daily Disciplined Action

COL  –        Commitment to Ongoing Learning

Pe      –        Persistence (I Will, Until)

Pa     –        Patience

PP     –        Peak Performance


As you know, nothing meaningful can or will ever be achieved without a commitment to “Daily Disciplined Action”More than 90 % of our daily behaviors are dictated by our ingrained habits. Does it not then make sense to develop a new success habit set, one in which, you have created a set of daily routines that contribute to your desired short, medium and long term outcomes.

A clear picture of the effort needed to create your new habit set is most certainly worth the effort and once you have developed, honed and instilled yours into your life, success will not only be inevitable, but it will feel almost effortless.


No one will ever achieve sustainable, long term success that is greater than their own level of personal development. You need skills to deliver on your dreams and promises to yourself and your family, skills to stir up your belief in, and commitment to your own potential, skills to undertake and succeed at any enterprise and skills to build equities for the future.

The only way to ensure that you develop all the skills needed to succeed and to create a life of harmony, joy and meaning, is to “Commit to Ongoing Learning”. This commitment will allow you to be prepared to identify and utilize any opportunities that will inevitably cross your path, as you travel through life.


Challenges, roadblocks and setbacks are inevitable on any path to success and when you do encounter any of these, it is imperative that you apply these three simple words to every issue that arises. I will, Until.

I will, until, I overcome this challenge, I will until, I achieve the result I desire, I will until, I deliver on my promises to my family, I will Until…………… When you commit to this philosophy you become unstoppable and anything becomes possible for you.

Accept that there are going to be times of challenge when things seem to conspire against you, there are going to be times where you are doing all the right things and yet nothing seems to be happening. These are the times that persistence and perseverance are needed. Develop a tenacious never give up attitude, in which you commit to keep chipping away, one small positive step at a time, until you succeed.


  1. Every path to meaningful success will at some point travel through a section that feels like a desert. This desert will make every action feel laborious, difficult and even pointless. Expect this to happen, plan for it to happen and ensure that you take the following into account:
  2. Ensure that you have a set of measurement criteria that you use to measure your performance as regularly as possible.
  3. Monitor your progress, daily, weekly and monthly against these criteria.
  4. Reward your successes.
  5. Ensure that your activities are still aligned with the desired outcome and have the courage to take any corrective action necessary, to maintain your momentum.
  6. Believe in the outcome you are attempting to achieve
  7. Keep a crystal clear picture in your mind of your ultimate goal or outcome you want to achieve and stay committed to your final goal.
  8. Ensure that your daily activities are still aligned with the desired outcome and have the patience to know that as long as you keep chipping away, you will succeed.

Author: Andrew Horton Inspirational Speaker


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