Take Responsibility For Everything In Your Life


Do you believe that reality is something out there over which you have no control? Or do you believe that you can create your own reality minute by minute? When you choose the latter, you take responsibility for your life; you then have the power to create your future one moment at a time. You can either choose to be BITTER over what has happened to you in the past or you can choose to be BETTER.

There is one letter different in the word BITTER and the word BETTER. BITTER robs you of your power and BETTER puts control in your hands. When you choose to be better you empower yourself to make the necessary changes in your life to realize your true potential. I choose better, Better, BETTER.

Take responsibility for everything in your life. Take responsibility for your future right now; accept that your road to success will be filled with challenges, wrestle all these challenge with expediency, believe in yourself and your abilities, begin taking consistent daily inspired action and you will get to predict exactly how your future will turn out.

RESPONSE – ABILITY.  Accept RESPONSIBILITY for everything that happens in your life and you will empower yourself with the ABILITY to RESPOND positively to everything in your life. This gives you the power to change anything, If you can or to accept it if you can’t.

Take full responsibility for everything in your life, you empower yourself to take control of your future. While you are traveling through the river of life, you must have a specific destination in mind and with dogged determination do what it takes to ensure that you head in that direction. If you just resign your future to the flow of the river and only begin to try to get control of your craft as you hit the rapids in front of a looming waterfall, you may never regain control. Take control today, you have everything to gain.


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Andrew Horton

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