Change Begins With You


Change begins with you.  Stop waiting for things to change in your environment before you take action. Take the initiative today “Grab the bull by the horns” and know that your success is on the way the moment you begin taking inspired action. Be expedient, follow through on your commitment, persistently chip away at your SUCCESS, one small consistent action at a time, day after day and your SUCCESS is inevitable.  

Create the intention to keep striving for continuous growth, achievement and a lifetime dedicated to mastery and excellence. When you hold these deep rooted intentions, your sustainable success is something that you are and you get to live your life every day exactly the way you choose.

Plan your daily activities carefully; concentrate your efforts on the most important tasks that contribute the greatest value to your success. Apply single minded determination to your thinking around all your important activities, apply your energy where it really counts and your dreams will begin to materialize faster than you ever thought possible.

Stay focused and loyal to your vision; apply regular bursts of encouraging core actions to all your important goals and you get to live the life you design.

Start taking action and thereby begin moving our ideas into reality. Once you begin taking action, you are no longer just an idle observer; you become the navigator and leader of your life, your life becomes a true expression of your uniqueness and you allow you brilliance to shine.

Focus on realizing your dreams, by consistently applying inspired energy to everything you do, so that you can convert the pictures in your mind into, the pictures of your life. Keep your dreams alive by nourishing them daily with your passion and inspiration, so that you never allow regrets to fill the place in your heart, reserved for your dreams.

Begin to look at your activities tomorrow, are you taking action out of desperation, because you have to or are you living an inspired life where all the actions you take, are because you want to? Living an inspired life sets you free and allows you to live a life of your choosing, not one where you continually feel like you are losing.
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Andrew Horton

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