Are you Investing your Time with the Right People?

We are fast approaching the end of another magnificent year. How have you been tracking against those hairy audacious goals, which you set yourself at the beginning of the year? If you are less than satisfied with the results you have managed to achieve, then it is time to examine what may be holding you back.

Who is in your corner?

One of the major factors which may be affecting the results you are able to enjoy, is the people you choose to surround yourself with. If you finally want to start to make real progress and actually achieve your goals going forward. You must examine the people who you spend most of your time around. Are they on a similar path to the one you want to travel or are they like an anchor that is weighing you down and holding you away from carrying out the tasks you need to perform every day to succeed?

You mirror the people around you

Research has shown that we mirror the behaviour of the people closest to us. We eventually dress like them, speak like them and even think like they do. As you know what you think about and take action to achieve, is what will shape the way you future will unfold. So if you continue to surround yourself with people, who constantly distract you or do not support you, it is virtually impossible to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Choose people who will support you

When you choose to only invest your most valuable asset, namely, your time, with positive people, who inspire you, it is easier to stay focused, centred and at peace with your potential. The correct mix of people will help keep you on track and serve as your support, during those inevitable difficult times, which you will encounter on the path of success.

Surround yourself with people who are an example of the success you desire

Always strive to consciously surround yourself with the right people, who inspire you and offer a positive example to you. This will equip you to learn from the mistakes of others, which in turn, will help you accelerate your own success, yet still allow you to remain authentic, unique and true to your own excellence.

Invest your time around optimists

Time spent with optimists is time invested wisely, for the measure of a real optimist is not in the fact that they always see their glass as half full, but that they also see the abundance that exists all around them and are therefore willing to share their half full glass with everyone around them.

Action Idea: There are several ways to create the positive environment that will help lift you closer to your success. Seek people who are successful and who have done what you hope to do and work to include them in your network.

Surround yourself with the right experts

One of the easiest ways to accelerate your success and uncover your brilliance is to regularly seek the council of experts and to surround yourself with a trusted group of advisors and supporters. This support team will advise, support and assist you when required, in every important aspect of your life.

Carefully select the right people to include in your reference group. These people must consistently offer you a positive push, so that you can reach your full potential. When you envelope yourself in the perfect circle of excellence, your success will become almost effortless and anything and everything becomes possible for you.

Find the right mentor

Get a mentor to guide and assist you. Identify what you want to learn and connect with the expert in that specific area and then immerse yourself in positive listening, watching, and reading.

Choose a mentor that has succeeded in areas where you wish to build your future, they must challenge you, hold you accountable and bring the best out in you. When you invest the time, energy and effort into discovering the right mentors, who are willing, able, enthusiastic and compatible with your needs and personality, you will have discovered an incredibly valuable asset to fast forward your success.

Walk in the footsteps of great achievers who have gone before

Don’t be afraid to walk in the footsteps of others – for that is where the most skill and knowledge is acquired. When the time is right have the confidence to stride out and make your own mark.

As you learn all the lessons that a good mentor has to offer, apply them in your life, but be certain that you allow the powerful beacon of light, which is your unique brilliance to shine from within you. It is this very uniqueness and authenticity that makes you truly memorable, sought after and a real asset to all you touch.

Author: Andrew Horton Inspirational Speaker



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