Converting Your Ideas Into Reality

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The best way to convert ideas into reality is to act when the idea is still hot and the emotion is strong. Stop procrastinating and avoiding taking the action you know is necessary to succeed and apply genuine discipline to the areas of your life that really matter.

Unless you act decisively and start to take action immediately on an important idea that comes into your head, you will fall prey to the law of diminishing intent; the inspired feeling will fade and disappear, you will potentially loose out on exploiting another great idea and miss an exciting opportunity.

The greatest intentions are of no value at all unless you commit to apply the necessary discipline in your life to take advantage of any new idea while the emotions are high and the idea is strong, clear and powerful.  Begin taking action immediately and create a new habit set that is aligned with your new idea as soon as possible.

Do not allow the new found wisdom to be wasted, begin the process of introducing the new idea to your life by taking action as soon as possible. Discipline enables you to capture the emotions and wisdom associated with any new idea and allows you to convert them into sustainable action. Introduce the new disciplines into your life as soon as possible; you will feel a sense of self-worth and accomplishment and you will become inspired to succeed.

The secret to succeed with implementing and exploiting any new idea in our lives is to simply offer your best at all times. Avoid the temptation to ease up just a little bit each day, where you offer just a little bit less than your best.  This small lack of discipline, where you offer only slightly less than your best every day, soon compounds into a lack of motivation and your commitment fades and dies.

Act today in alignment with your philosophy and values and commit to the necessary discipline of always offering only your best, take immediate, focused action on any new ideas and you will create the foundation for achieving all your goals and in the years ahead you will be able to celebrate all your new successes.

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