Does Rejection exist and can you ask a stupid Question?

There is only one type of stupid question and there is no such thing as rejection. The only stupid question is one that is left unasked and rejection is a complete fallacy. Before you ask any question, you do not have something and after you ask the question and the answer you receive is “NO”; you still have nothing, things stay exactly the same.

Things only change when you ask a question and someone says “YES”. After an affirmative answer to any question, now things are different, now things begin to change positively. For example if you ask a beautiful girl out on a date and she says ‘NO”, before you asked her for the date, you did not have a date with her and after you asked her for the date, which she declined, you still do not have a date with her. However if she agrees to have a date with you, now things begin to change for the good, now you have a date with a magnificent girl and all sorts of positive changes begin to occur.

When you overcome your fear of rejection and you begin to use this incredibly powerful tool for success, consistently in every facet of your life, you will begin to see remarkable results start to manifest.

Choose a question that you have been too scared to ask, until now, and take the plunge and simply ask the question today. You know that there is no reason to hold yourself away from asking any questions. You now have the awareness that if you ask any question, you can never be rejected, things either stay the same or they get better.

Stop retarding your inevitable success any longer, because you are afraid of rejection and have the courage to finally pull the trigger on realising your potential and ask, Ask, ASK, your success depends on it. The art of asking the right questions is one of the secrets to creating long term sustainable success. It is time for you to move from behind the clouds that are hiding your potential and for you to stride confidently into a fantastic future filled with joy and fulfillment. What if it is just one question that you need to ask that unlocks the most incredible future and you fail to ask that question? You have so much to gain and stand to lose so little, if you begin asking questions and listening. I say when in doubt, Ask until the answer comes out.

Asking questions is such a powerful tool that you have available in your arsenal of success tools. The future will get to live, most certainly depends on the quality of questions you will get to ask. A tool this important should be used as often as reasonable and put to work daily to begin shaping our future. Take up the question challenge today and begin unlocking the answers that you need to begin molding the amazing future you know that you deserve. This could be one of the most important decisions you get to make. I know that asking questions will not hurt you, but the right question directed at the right person may help you. With nothing to lose and so much to gain, what are you waiting for?



  • Sunny James /

    I have always believed that there are no stupid questions

    • Thanks for the feedback Sunny, you are absolutely correct. Questions are such a powerful tool in your toolkit of success. Well directed questions can unlock incredible opportunities and help you to unlock resources that were not available to you before. May you have a blessed day

  • Motivational youth speaker /

    some times people are afraid to ask questions because they think they will be thought of as stupid

    • All that is required is a small shift in the way you think and you will realise that there is no reason to feel fear at all. Questions seldom make the situation any worse, things only get better after you ask a question and you recieve the support, guidance or outcome you desire.

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