Change – Can we Live a Purely Positive Life Only ?

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If you were offered an incentive of $ 1 billion dollars, if you could find a one sided magnet, with only a positive pole. Do you believe that an incentive that large would drive someone to break the laws of physics and discover such a magnet? The laws of physics are unchangeable and no matter how hard you searched, it would be impossible to discover a magnet with only one pole.

The same is true for our lives and yet we constantly pursue lives that are only filled with positive outcomes and no challenges. This pursuit of the impossible, is what causes most of the pain and suffering on this planet. We are pursuing something that is as impossible as finding a magnet with only one pole.

We live in a world that is filled with events that can be interpreted as either positive or negative. The way we interpret things will depend on our stand point and perceptual background. Two people can perceive the same event as either positive or negative, depending on their own personal position.

For example: If two people were going on a roller coaster ride. One thrived on the adrenalin rush. The other person was terrified by the prospect of the speed and uncertainty of the ride. Each of them would have a different experience around the same event. In reality there are only events that occur. We give them a positive or negative connotation by they way we choose to respond to them.

Although everything that happens in our worlds are only events, the reality is that when we are on the path to creating the success we desire, we will encounter a number of events that will retard or delay our progress. These events when viewed differently are really opportunities for us to learn and grow. In many cases they highlight opportunities that may have been hidden from us before. If we all lived on a planet where everything was rosy and went according to expectations. There would be very little opportunity for learning and growth. We would become complacent and trapped in delusion and never stretch our minds or explore the limits of our potential.

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Challenges that cross our paths are very often the catalyst that unlocks new opportunities or highlights ideas that were hidden from us before. Accept challenges, expect them and learn to welcome them. They are a natural occurrence in life and are inevitable as you traverse the path to create the long term sustainable success you desire.

This small shift in the way you think, from an unrealistic position, where you always expect things to run according to plan. To one where you accept that challenges are an integral part of the journey to success. They are often the very reason you discover better or easier ways to succeed in the end too. When you make this small shift you will accelerate your achievement and will remove unnecessary anguish from your life. It is such a liberating and empowering experience to know that life is like a pendulum and as such we get to experience both positive and negative results in our lives. We need to experience the negative side of life to help us grow. This also acts as a barometer against which we can measure our positive performance.

Stress is a mental illusion that we create in our minds, an interpretation or perception of circumstances in our environment. To continually improve and grow we need stress and challenge, as it awakens our greater potential. Forces us to raise our game and makes us rise to the level of performance we were capable of all along. The stress or challenge is merely a catalyst, albeit unwelcome, that awakes the excellence that is dormant within all of us.

When you learn to view any roadblock on your way to living your potential as a FUTURE OPPORTUNITY GENERATOR, you will completely change your thought patterns around challenges. This small shift in your thinking, will allow you to turn any challenges (big or small) into opportunities far sooner.

It is often our most challenging moments in life that offer us the greatest opportunities to grow and expand. Take a real honest look at any challenges you have faced in the past. Are you better or worse off for having faced those challenges?

Challenges are only delayed opportunities waiting to be exploited. The challenges we face every day, are really only opportunities. These Challenges are disguised as the push, sometimes unexpected, that we often need to get us off our butts. This push forces us to take the necessary action that will help us to improve our lives.


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