Become a Skilful and Successful Leader

When you are in a position of leadership and you want to attract top quality people to assist you to realize all your goals. Start by becoming the kind of quality person you are trying to attract yourself. Always lead by example and you will attract the right type of people into your corner.

Work on developing and refining your leadership skills every day. You attract the right people into your business or team, not by what you are prepared to pay, but rather by what you are able to become and what you are able to help everyone in your team become.

Practice the art of strong leadership where you lead from the front, encourage and support everyone in your team. Never mistake strength for brashness, rudeness or abruptness. People will gladly follow, support and assist a leader who shows true passion and drive. They will offer real and meaningful input and energy that will contribute to great outcomes in your business. A “BOSS” that demands, directs and controls will get activity from his or her team, but never sustainable results.

A kind, caring and empathetic leader will garner real loyalty and support from their team. Kindness will never be misconstrued as weakness, when offered from a position of real caring and empathy. Always be bold and decisive. Have the courage to step out boldly in front of your team and lead by example from the front. Be alert and be vigilant and aware of everything going on in and around your team, be willing to take the first arrow and to support your team wherever necessary.

You will never become a great leader by offering a timid attitude to those around you. Have the courage to be bold and show humility, but never ever be timid or indecisive. Humility is showing that you appreciate and are aware of the human soul and spirit. It is an understanding of the unlimited potential of humanity. Yet at the same time accepting that we are not infallible. Humility is a virtue and timidity is a danger. Never mistake one for the other.

Always be proud and build your success around your ambition and stay true to your cause and vision. The secret to becoming a great leader is to never confuse pride with arrogance. Have pride in your team, your abilities and successes, but never act arrogantly or show ignorance about how you affect those around you.

Learn the art of utilizing humor as a form of wit and team building, but never allow yourself to act foolish or silly. Fun builds and cements relationships in teams, whilst foolishness breaks down trust and respect.

Always deal in truth and never do anything that flies in the face of truth and justice. All dealings with every team member must be from an impeccable point of integrity. Whatever you say or promise as a leader must be cast in stone. Never renege on a promise you make to your team or not deliver on commitments you make with anyone in your team.


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