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As per J. Paul Getty the 3 secrets to success are merely to get up early, work hard and then just find oil.    If only success was that simple, we could just all sit back and wait for success to come our way.  Inspirational speakers highlight amazing life stories relating to this topic that inspire a call to action.

In reality “Success is something you attract by the person you become”. As you move along the path of realizing all your goals and dreams, all the new skills you acquire, the knowledge you gain, the new success habits you develop and resources you gather are what makes success sustainable. All successful people know that success is not just about reaching a number of destinations throughout their lives.  Success is all about creating an enjoyable pathway to reach each destination. The key to an enjoyable and successful life is to really commit to an ongoing process of development and growth and to completely engulf yourself, in loving and thriving on the journey to reach each destination.  Life is an amazing Journey, enjoy the Ride. Mentoring is a partnership in which a mentee is assisted in making significant advances in knowledge, perspective and vision in order to develop their full potential: the mentor’s wisdom is utilized by the mentee to facilitate and enhance new learning and insight. The easiest way to understand the role of mentor is to understand that they are usually experts in a specific field and they serve as expert guides to mentees, offering them very specific and specialized advice relating to their area of expertise. A mentor is an expert, under whose wing a mentee can sit, so that they can learn and discover exactly how the mentor has achieved the successes they have. The really good things in life are very often placed on the very top shelf. One of the easiest ways to reach this shelf is to stand on the shoulders of those that have gone before. Inspirational Speakers By surrounding yourself with advisors, mentors, experts or friends who have succeeded in the specific tasks you need to be great at, you set yourself up to realize all your dreams. Asking for help and guidance is one of the most difficult things we do. It is really daunting to contact successful people to ask for ongoing advice and assistance. The thing to keep in mind when you wish to approach someone to mentor you is that there is no such thing as rejection.  Before you ask them to mentor you, you have no one acting in that role and if the prospective mentor declines your proposal, then after asking them, you still have no one to mentor you, nothing has changed. If the prospective mentor however agrees to be your mentor, then and only then do things change. It is far easier than you think to enlist the mentorship of people that have succeeded in the areas you wish to succeed in. Don’t ever discount the value of asking people that have failed in any area or with any activity and then triumphed to be your mentor. Failure can really serve you, if you are willing to learn from failure and to avoid those same pitfalls in the future. Look for mentors who have the kind of well rounded experience you need to utilize to help you reach your goals. Finding and identifying a Mentor is easier than you think, if you follow the guidelines below: 1)    Do your homework first – Identify exactly what you need and expect from a mentor. The more clarity you have the easier it will be to approach someone. 2)    Once you have clarity on what you expect then identify suitable mentors.  You can facilitate this by looking at professional associations, news articles, Internet search engines, Professional magazines, Tradeshows, Industry Conferences etc. 3)    After identifying a suitable mentor – you need to pose your question in the right way.  Give all the reasons why you want them to be your mentor and carefully detail how you will utilize all the assistance you get. 4)    Research your mentor and have a good understanding of their background – use this during your initial approach. 5)    Be sure to keep careful notes – it is always easier to approach someone as a referral. Use the name of any referring party in your initial conversation. One of the easiest ways to identify prospective mentors is look within your immediate environment. When ever I conduct Sales training or I present to sales teams, I always ask them to raise their hands if they know who the top three sales people in the company are.  There is never a single person that does not raise their hand.  I then ask them to leave their hand in the air if they have asked any of these top sales people for assistance or advice.  Amazingly almost all of the people put their hands down. When I ask why they have not asked for advice or help, they all have varying answers from, I am too shy to – why would they want to help me. I then ask the three sales people to stand up and without fail they are more than willing to offer their help. After these meetings there is a huge growth in sales, not because the market improves or there is more business out there, but simply all the sales people learn how to do their jobs better. Author: Andrew Horton Inspirational Speakers


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