Plan For Success

There is a really great way of foretelling exactly how your future will turn out. It does not require that you visit a clairvoyant, sit under a pyramid and chant or even that you gaze into a crystal ball. All that is needed is a good set of plans detailing how you want your future to turn out and the commitment and discipline to carry out your plan every day.

Commit at a minimum to create plans for the following:

1) Health plan
2) Relationship plan
3) Wealth Building Plan
4) Career Plan
5) Business and career Relationship building plan
6) Philanthropic plan
7) Knowledge growth plan
8) Skills development plan

There may be other areas of your life that may require special attention at different times of your life and as those arise, you must create plans for those areas of your life too. If you want to live a fulfilling and complete life, then I suggest that you explore all the areas above and develop a crystal clear picture of where you want your life to go in each one.

You can never successfully build anything unless you have a plan. Would you attempt to build a house without first drawing up a plan? You know that you could attempt to build the house without a plan, but how do you think it will turn out? The house would be flawed and unstable. If you would not attempt to build a house without a plan, then why do we travel through the journey of life, without a plan? If the house we would build without a plan would be unsatisfactory, why do we think our lives would be any different?

If you just started laying bricks to build a house and somebody asked you what you were building. You would answer that you have no idea. Are you laying bricks in the wall of your life every day, with no idea why you are doing what you are doing? If someone asked you why you are laying the bricks into the wall that is creating your future, one brick at a time, would you be able to tell them? Or are you just waking up every day and throwing bricks into your wall of progress and expecting things to turn into the success you desire.

You need to finish the plan for the house before you start building it. The same is true for your life, you need to create a plan that sees you finish your year before it even starts. You need a plan that completes your month before it even starts and a plan that completes each day before each one even starts. When you commit to do this, each brick you lay has a purpose and creates exactly the structure you want in your future.

Once you have created your plan for the future, have patience and allow the actions you take every day; the time they need to deliver the results you desire. Give yourself time to learn and grow, it takes time to build great health, wealth, success and to create the dreams you hold so dear. Achieving anything worthwhile is simply a combination of well laid plans, a sustained commitment to daily discipline to carry out the plan, the patience to allow things to develop and an ongoing commitment to regular measurement of your progress.



  • Cléone Blake /

    This article weighs in gold and provides the incentive to do this indispensible planning.

    Thank you Andrew for giving us such practical, eye-opening and vital information.

    • Thanks so much for the feedback Cleone. I am really pleased with your commitment and progress so far. May you have a wonderful and blessed week

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