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Vision is an Expression of Your Purpose

Our goals are no more than an organised expression of our dreams. So to convert your dreams into your future reality, you must constantly keep defining, refining and organising them into achievable goals. This process will ensure that you keep polishing your dreams, so that you can create a clear system to create the future you desire. The way you convert your dreams into your goals must feel realistic, achievable and something, which will inspire you to take action daily. The secret to turn your dreams into your future reality is to create a set of goals that are completely aligned with your vision of the future.

This presentation by one of the best inspirational speakers in the field of time management training will guide you to see that when designing your goals ensure that they are indeed what you really want and that when you achieve them, they will deliver on your concept of what success really means to you. The easiest way to tell when your goals are aligned with your highest purpose, is to measure how you feel about performing your goal specific activities each day. When you can’t wait to get up in the morning to carry out your goal activities and you end your day energised and excited about everything you achieved that day, you are living in alignment with your purpose

This is a fantastic place to be where you are living your dreams and you do what you love and love what you do. If you still find yourself procrastinating or avoiding doing the goal activities you need to do each day, you have still not discovered or refined and defined your higher purpose enough.

Action Idea: Examine how energised and passionate you feel about performing your goal specific activities each day. If you are not inspired and driven to do what you need to do, it is time to revisit your purpose and vision and to refine and polish it. This is an on-going process, which will in time deliver a life of meaning and fulfilment.

One of the most limiting factors in your life is living a life that is clouded by an illusion, where you do not recognise your true power and magnificence. This forces you to live a life where you limit your potential. You live under an illusion where you feel that you must live according to a belief where you “have to do something”, that “you should do something” or “you need to do something” rather than discovering something that you “love to do”.

After attending this presentation by one of the most informative and entertaining inspirational speakers in the field of time management training, you will know whyyou are on this planet to realise all those magnificent dreams you have pent up inside you and to live a fulfilling life, where you live according to your higher purpose and are directed by your vision and mission. You can only achieve this when you are authentic and honest with yourself, allowing yourself to do what you love and you love what you do.

It can really be a scary place when you realise for the first time that you are 100 % in control of your life and the results you get to enjoy are your responsibility. It is far easier to be guided by the outside world where you can apportion blame to everything around you for your lack of progress. Rather than accepting that if you are guided from within, you are 100 % responsible for how your life turns out. The wonderful truth of being human is that we have freedom of choice. It is up to us to decide, whether we unlock our higher purpose and then to use this power to create the life of our dreams.

We all live our lives led by a set of evolving priorities and values and every decision we make is guided by whatever is highest on our value list or what has the most meaning or importance at that time. Whatever is highest on your priority list and the thing that gets most of your focus and energy is where you place the highest value. So until you unlock your true purpose and align your priorities to deliver on this purpose, you will continue to place a higher value on doing all the day to day activities you need to do to survive and you will remain trapped in an unsatisfactory life.

The key to unveiling and unlocking the apparent mystery, which is your highest purpose, is to look at all the clues your life is offering you every day and see what your life shows is truly most important to you and you love doing. Your life demonstrates your purpose daily, the things you love doing, the heroes that inspire you, the thoughts you think, the way you spend your leisure time and the way you fill your space, are all clues about your purpose. Pay closer attention to everything around you and you will quickly discover your purpose.

Determine what is truly important to you and what you love doing and you have unlocked your purpose. Keep refining and defining this until you have a clear picture of exactly what your purpose is. You will know when this happens, you wake up every day, excited about your day and you love taking action to realise all your goals. Understanding and living according to your highest purpose is a process, never an event. So do not expect a huge fanfare when you are aligned with your purpose, it is just a place of grace, a deep knowing and contentment where you do what you love and love what you do

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