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My experience has shown me that the foundation of exceptional achievement is a great positive “ATTITUDE”. When you actively strive to project a positive attitude, to the people around you, they will respond positively, which will empower you to create the perfect circumstances for sustainable success.

Focus on Success 

Strive to change your mindset from one in which you focus your efforts on “NOT FAILING”, as this creates a negative energy and sentiment around you. To develop an atmosphere, which is conducive to success, rather focus on taking all the necessary daily actions to ensure that you “Succeed”. This small, but crucial shift in the way you view the outcomes you want to achieve, will not only allow you to look at every challenge or obstacle from an empowered standpoint, but will assist you to identify the most appropriate course of action necessary to “SUCCEED”.

Succeed; do not strive “NOT TO FAIL” 

When on the other hand, you explore any opportunity from a stance of “Not Failing” you operate with blinkers on and you very often miss hidden opportunities, which may be staring you in the face. This is a very limiting philosophy and it severely limits the scope and scale of your actions.

You are going to Succeed 

On the other hand, when you explore and approach every opportunity from a stance of “I am going to SUCCEED” no matter what it takes, you empower and energise yourself for success. This supports you to then explore every opportunity from a fresh perspective, where you are empowered to discover innovative ways of doing what it takes to succeed.

This philosophy opens your eyes; you program your mind to be more positive:

“You become an active “Success Seeker” rather than merely a “Failure Fighter”. 

It is far easier to feel real passion and drive when you are striving to “SUCCEED” vs. merely doing whatever you need to do “Not to fail”. Passion is what will drive you to keep going when times get tough, passion is what will keep you focused and on track, passion is what will help you to remain disciplined and dedicated and passion is what is needed to do whatever is necessary to succeed.

Passion will drive your Success Journey

As you know, nothing meaningful has ever been achieved without struggle or challenge. So rather work from a position of “Passion” as you strive for “Success” rather than from a position of “Safety” as you strive “Not to fail”.

When you have a positive and disciplined attitude, which is combined with a drive to succeed and a passion for sustainable success, you get to turn Mr. or Mrs. Average into Mr. or Mrs. “Exceptional”.

Author: Andrew Horton




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