How Are You Spending Your Life?

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When you reach the end of your life one day, will you wish you had spent more time chasing after money or will you wish that you had invested your most valuable resource, namely your time, into creating meaningful relationships? The reality is that we are so driven to meet society’s expectations to accumulate as many resources as possible and become as powerful or famous as possible that we miss out on what really matters, namely family and real friends.

Are you going to allow yourself to waste your life doing something that when all is said and done, will have very little value for you or are you going to make changes in your life now and go after the things that really matter, the things that will make you happy and fulfilled? When you choose happiness and fulfillment over money, you get to live a very full and meaningful life and money seems to effortlessly flow to you. Change your motives and go after what really matters and you will get to enjoy the most amazing, complete and abundant life.

Relationships with family and friends must be actively cultivated, like the flowers in a beautiful garden. Developing and sustaining great relationships requires time, effort and imagination and the better, more real and consistent the effort. The easier it is to ensure that the relationship will flourish and grow. The greatest value in life comes from caring for and sharing your life with people that matter.

When you are on the path of creating the relationships that are going to make your life mean something and support your state of happiness. Give them the gift of your consistent dedication to personal development. This is the greatest gift you can offer to anyone, because as you become more, as you expand and grow; you become a more valuable friend or relative. You bring more to the relationship. I believe in the adage of “I will take the best possible care of me and you take the best possible care of you, so that we are both better people who can take better care of each other”.

Stop allowing yourself to hide behind the false walls that you have created around yourself. The walls that make you believe that you must pursue money before you can discover happiness. Anything you pursue will always elude you. The walls that you think will keep the unhappiness your current circumstances are causing out and the walls that are keeping you trapped in mediocrity. Until you break down these artificial walls that you have created as a barrier. An artificial barrier that will always hold you away from your potential, block out the joy you deserve and most certainly keep the money you desire from flowing to you. You will live an unfulfilled and empty life.

Break the bonds right now and allow yourself to begin to soar toward your joy and unlimited potential. All that is required is a small shift in the way you view things and the way you do things and you will see the most remarkable things begin to manifest in your life. You have so much to gain and nothing to loose but frustration and dissatisfaction. Pull the trigger and let your true authentic self free, allow yourself to become the person of your dreams.


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