Stop Pretending and Start Performing

It is time to stop pretending and for you to finally start performing. To start performing you must accept that you will be moved out of your comfort zone, into unchartered territory. These changes will make you feel uncomfortable and you will feel discomfort. This discomfort though, is your ticket to exceptional achievement and will put you on a path to great fulfillment.

Keep pretending and accept that you FEAR positive change more than you desire exceptional performance, do nothing and you will achieve something amazing, NOTHING. This attitude of acceptance will see you arrive somewhere five years from now. The question is; will you be satisfied with where that will be.

Stretch yourself today; accept a little discomfort and the place you will arrive five years from now will be fulfilling and satisfying. Remain in your comfort zone of mediocrity and you will arrive at a place very similar to where you are right now, you will just be five years older, a lot more frustrated and unhappy.

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This is really a choice of mediocrity over super achievement, of rest over labor, entertainment over education, delusion over truth and doubt over confidence. These are all simple choices; one takes you out of your comfort zone of mediocrity and forces you to feel a little discomfort, but sees you enjoy great success, fulfillment, happiness and joy. Whilst the other leaves you feeling a false sense of comfort in the short term, but leaves you completely dissatisfied, frustrated and unhappy in the long term.

As long as you keep nourishing the cause of your frustration and you persist in doing nothing about the cure. You will live a very normal, basic life in which you never get to realize your potential or live a complete and satisfying life. You must stop cursing the effect of your unhappiness and not doing anything about the cause. Make the choice to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone right now and make something meaningful happen in your life.

You have created your current circumstances with all the past choices you have made. Start making better choices right now and you will begin molding a new and amazing future for yourself. You have the ability and the responsibility to constantly improve the choices you make. Stop looking for more answers before you make this shift. Start right now and begin to make a real difference in your life.

Stop allowing your errors in judgment that you repeat everyday to continue leading you down the path of mediocrity. Look to make this small shift and choose success. Go back to basics and make changes where it really matters. These small shifts will see massive changes to every area of your life and will see you enjoying far more happiness, joy and fulfillment.

You can transform every area of your life if you make the choice to do so. What are you waiting for? This amazing transformation begins with you utilsing your power of choice and applying the incredible power of your daily self discipline.


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