Who is Really in Charge of Your Future?

Stop acting like a victim any longer and accept 100 % responsibility for everything in your life. Decisions made by government, business and the people around you may have a general effect on your circumstances. They will only have a specific effect on your circumstances if you allow them to.

These big decisions can and do have an effect on the direction the stock market will go, but they will never have an effect on how any individual share price will go. They can not effect whether you can make a profit from investing wisely in shares that are increasing in value whilst others are decreasing.

Many millionaires create their wealth during recessions by understanding the four seasons in the economy. They ensure that they have resources available to buy low when everyone is selling and selling high when everyone is buying. Even during the great depression, there were countless people that became extremely wealthy.

No matter what happens in the economy over the next five years, if you have a plan, you measure your progress regularly to ensure your actions are aligned with the outcome you wish to achieve and you continually improve your plan to keep you on track. You can become wealthy, why wait for permission from anyone else.

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The economy does go through different phases of prosperity and challenge. When understood a wise investor can actually use the cyclical nature of the economy to increase their value. Understand the ebb and flow of the economy and include this in your planning and watch to see if your predictions remain aligned with your plan. Constantly improve and adapt your plan to get the most value from these cycles.

Governments control the rate at which you are taxed, but they can never control how much money you are able to generate from your industry. Welcome the responsibility of paying taxes, the more tax you pay, the greater will be the value of your share that you are able to retain for yourself.

You are in control of your life and your destiny; you chart the course for how your life will turn out. External factors are merely events, how we choose to respond to these is in our hands. We can either respond to challenging circumstances from an empowered position, looking for the opportunities that are waiting to be exploited or we can cower like victims and allow these same circumstances to overwhelm us.

Remain in control of your life and never allow any external factors to effect you or your circumstances. All external factors are merely events, how you respond to any of these events gives them either positive or negative meaning to your life. Only one person can determine how your life will turn out in the end. Take a look in the mirror right now and commit to offer all your support to the person looking back at you right now.

Many new fortunes will be made over the next five years. The question I want you to ask is. “Why not me’? Commit to keep adding new skills and knowledge to your life every day, as you grow, so too will your value keep growing. You are in control of one important skill, namely how you choose to respond to anything in your environment. Use this skill very wisely and the world is there for the taking. 

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