Investing into PHYSICAL SILVER, could be the best investment you ever make

I am not a qualified financial adviser, as such this is not financial advice, but rather an explanation of all the reasons why I have personally invested into Silver. 

Humanities future is going to be incredible, as we move away from the criminal, “DEBT” based financial system, to an asset backed one, where prosperity exists for everyone. The great news is that the QFS and Quantum Prosperity Program, will break the poverty mindset of all of humanity, so if you are unable to invest, you will still be OK. 

The reason Jen and I have invested into silver, is because, we want to be able to, encourage, support and help, as many people as possible, in the future. So, when the silver price does rise, we will be in a strong financial position, where we will have the resources to accelerate our humanitarian work.  

Based on the research I have conducted I predict the following positive shifts in the silver price, in the short to medium term.

The price of silver has been completely controlled and manipulated by the “banksters” (Bank gangsters), for decades. There has been systematic computer price suppression operation in play, for more than 50 years now. This has led us to a position, where the price of silver is like a coiled spring, ready to “EXPLODE”. In this article, I will share several reasons with you, as to why I believe that the price of silver will rise dramatically, very soon.

Removal of the concentrated “SHORT POSITION”

(Silver should move from $ 25 to $ 100 an ounce)

The COMEX silver market has reported in the CFTC commitment to traders and Bank Participation report, that there is short position, of 100 million ounces of silver, which is held by less than 3 US banks. This short position will have to be reversed, very soon. When it does happen, I predict that silver will move in a similar fashion to what happened in 1980. 

Let me give you an example of what happened when something similar occurred in 1980, (albeit the move was in the opposite direction) when the Hunt Brothers, were forced to sell off the 90 million ounces of physical silver they held, the price of silver shifted from $ 50 to   $ 10 an ounce, in a matter of only 2 months. This saw a shift of 400% in the silver price.

Let us apply that to the current silver price of around $ 25/ounce.

This would see the price of silver rise to $ 100/ounce.

Stopping the silver market manipulation

(The removal of artificial manipulation will see the price of silver at $ 200/ounce)

The FBI and the CFTC have announced that they are investigating the current criminal practice within the silver market, where prices are artificially manipulated. As soon as this illegal practice ends, and we can begin to freely trade silver, free from manipulation, I predict that we will see a minimum doubling of the silver price. 

The iShares Silver ETF (SLV) is criminal and must be stopped

(The removal of this criminal activity, will see the silver price double to $ 400/ounce)

This is one of the easiest criminal activities of the Cabal to demonstrate. The “BANKSTERS” have been selling silver certificates, stating that they held the physical silver on your behalf. This is a massive lie and as the “BANKSTERS” have been selling people worthless pieces of paper. They do not hold sufficient silver to cover this position at all. This shortfall should see the price of silver double again. This missing silver will result in a massive shortfall, in physical silver supply. 

As supply will be way below demand, the price of silver could go to $ 400/ounce.

Winding down of the derivatives position held by JP Morgan and Citi Bank

(The ending of this criminal activity, should see a rise of around 50% in the price of silver to $ 600/ounce)

The criminal banking cabal has already admitted guilt in this regard, and they have admitted that they were running a scam. This is another criminal scam, where these two banks, lied and stated that they were storing “PHANTOM” silver on behalf of their clients. 

The way this scheme worked was as follows:

  1. People invested money with JP Morgan and Citibank, believing that they were investing in silver.
  2. These criminal banks never bought the physical silver as was contractually required of them, but rather invested the funds into equity funds, believing that if people wanted their silver, they could just sell the shares and buy silver. They called this “Fractional reserve metal storage
  3. When these investors start to request their physical silver, which is their right, we will see the price of silver rise by a further 50%, to around $ 600/ounce

The mass redemption of paper silver currently held by pooled silver accounts

(The ending of this scam, could see the price of silver rise to $ 900/ounce)

The Cabal has already admitted guilt in this regard, when Morgan Stanley, was busted for charging fees for storing silver they did not even have in their possession. This criminal activity is called “Fractional Reserve Metal storage” 

The mass redemption of physical silver, which does not exist, should see a further increase to the silver price of about 50%

Silver to Gold Price Ratio

(The ratio should shift back to a ratio of 1 to 1)

The reason this will have an effect, is as follows:

  • 10 billion ounces of silver has been utilised in appliances and will never be recovered
  • There is far more gold on planet earth than silver

I am not sure, exactly what effect this will have on silver, but it could be significant. Gold is currently at around $ 1800/ounce, but this price has also been manipulated, so how this will affect silver is difficult to predict.

Higher silver price will result in smaller demand from industry

(This could result in about a 50% increase to $ 1250/ounce)

As the price of silver increases industries, which use silver will find alternatives. The electronics industry uses very small quantities of silver in each product, so the massive increase in the price of silver should only have a marginal effect on the overall price of the item. 

I believe that the massive price increase, will see manufacturers stockpiling silver, which could further increase the price by 50%.

First time investors will enter the silver market

(This massive increase in investors will see a further doubling of the silver price to                     $ 2500/ounce)

Very few investors currently invest into silver, as the price of silver rises, there will be a mass move towards investing in physical silver. This massive increase in demand, by the 99% of new investors, will see the price of silver double to $ 2500/ounce.

The silver market will acknowledge that there is a massive shortage of physical silver

(Once this is revealed to the public, we could see a further doubling of the physical silver price to around $ 5000/ounce)

As soon, as the market and all investors are made aware of the fact that there is a massive shortage in the supply, mining and refining of silver, we should see a further shift in the price of silver, to around $ 5000/ounce.

Based on my research and the fact that the silver price has been fixed since 1912, I am confident that the price of silver will rise significantly.

Another measure for how much the silver price may rise to is as follows:

  • In 1912 the price of silver was $ 0.62/ounce
  • Since then, the money supply has grown dramatically
  • Based on the massive growth in money supply, since 1912, the current price of silver should be around $ 4800/ounce

I hope this article, will help you to see what an opportunity silver offers. I must however advise that these insights are offered with love and in the interests of providing you with info, so that you can make a calculated decision, when purchasing silver. I am not a financial adviser, so please conduct your own thorough research before blindly accepting my word in this regard. 

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