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Decide what you want, chances are it wants you too.  One of the most amazing phenomena you will experience or are currently experiencing in your life right now is an unexpected phone call, an unexpected financial windfall or benefit, or a new acquaintance that brings you exactly what you want or need, to achieve your Biggest or banner Goal.  All these events seem to occur almost as though they are planned.

There could be a number of reasons for this happening now that you are actively building awareness around what you actually want to achieve and you have pulled the trigger and have actually began taking daily action.  Could it be the universe rewarding your new positive habits and beliefs and action orientated attitude. This new attitude is allowing you to harness all the amazing forces at its disposal. Perhaps you are working a lot smarter now that you have been following the articles on my daily blog and as a result you have been doing things a little different and as such you are getting very different results.

The most likely explanation though is that your subconscious is far more focused and you are far more attuned to see opportunity when it presents itself.  You need to believe that when you have the correct habit set and attitude and deep rooted belief and desire to achieve something everything you need to achieve your goals will gravitate toward you.

The reason you have not got exactly what you wanted until now is that you have not ever really decided precisely what you want.  You need to decide in compelling detail exactly what you want. Until you create a crystal clear picture for your subconscious mind, how can you expect your brain to start searching for what you need?

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You must clearly define your wants, the things that are really important to you, Prioritize these and ensure that these wants are relevant and important to you personally.  Your wants must not fall into the “Should be important to me category” or the “world expects this to be important to me category”.  Your wants must come from deep within your heart, from that inner self that you have conditioned yourself to ignore over the years.

Once you determine your wants, you must then try to align them with your core values and True Life Purpose and see if they meet both criteria.  All your wants must be in total alignment with your integrity and moral fiber and must be within acceptable limits that work for who you are.

For example: You might want all the riches that will flow from selling drugs, but you find it impossible to convince your mind that breaking the law and destroying peoples lives is OK. Engaging in an activity that flies in the face of your True Life Purpose and your core values will never make you happy or truly make you feel complete.

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You must be certain that what you want is not just another version of what someone else thinks you should want.  You need to be ruthlessly honest with yourself and ensure that you clearly define you personal wants.  Your “Want to’s” are always bigger than your “shoulds”.

Understand why you want to achieve each goal. When you understand why you want to achieve something, you discover the real reason achieving something is important to you, you unlock your WHYPOWER and achieving your goals will feel almost effortless.

Why are most emigrants so successful when they move to America? They come from countries that are experiencing difficult circumstances and America offfers them a great opportunity for a new life. They know that if they fail they will be forced to return to their home country and be forced into poverty or have to live under an oppressive regime. Failure is not an option. Their WHYPOWER is massive and so is the level of success they enjoy.

Make an I want List

Another technique to determine exactly what you want is to get someone that you trust to ask you the following question:

What do you really want from your life?

Let them repeat the exercise for 10 -15 minutes and during the exercise write down all the answers that come to mind.  A far better way of doing this exercise is to utilize a recording device to record all your answers and then to listen to what came from the exercise a little later.

Initially the wants that will come forward are not really that profound, but as the exercise progresses you will be amazed at what actually comes out. Initially you will hear things like “I want a BMW, or I want a big house, etc”, but as you progress through the exercise you will start hearing the real you and your real wants will begin to emerge.  You will start hearing things like, Ï want people to love me, I want to truly express myself, I want to make a real contribution, I want to make a difference to the world, I want to be powerful etc.  The wants that will emerge during the later part of the exercise will reflect your core values and be an expression of your True Life Purpose.

Sit comfortably opposite someone you really trust and get them to ask you this question over and over for about 15 minutes.

What do you really want? 

The best way to facilitate this exercise is to record all your answers for analysis and intrepretation later.  If you are unable to record the exercise then it is acceptable to write your answers down after each question.   Once you have completed this exercise carefully assess all your answers and see which of your answers truly reflect your inner feelings. Next assess which of your answers feel comfortable to you and are aligned with your core values and True Life Purpose.

I want …


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