Stop Selling and Start Helping as many people as possible get what they want.

Selling or the ability to influence people is not only a very necessary business skill, but an essential life skill as well. Our lives are filled with sales conversations. We need to convince or sell the idea to our children to rather make healthy food choices, we may need to convince our spouse to watch the movie we like or we may need to sell our boss on the idea of giving us a raise or a day off. Developing great sales skills or the ability to influence people will most certainly make life a lot easier for you.

This essential life skill is not as mysterious or complicated as we make it out to be in our minds. The art of selling is in effect simply the art of influencing an outcome to conform to your wishes. It is time to shift your mindset away from the traditional picture selling conjures up. The picture of the sales person sitting with their feet braced firmly against the desk with gritted teeth, desperately pushing a product or service that you do not need or want.

If you can change your mindset and shift your thinking away from you being a sales person. Someone that has something you desperately want to unload on an unsuspecting client. Shift your thinking away from selling and rather think of helping people to easily and efficiently satisfy a real need they have.

Stop viewing your prospect list as your “HIT LIST” and rather view them as real people, with real needs and wants. View your prospective future friends as people that require your help to provide them with products and services that are going to make their lives better. You must strive to become a valued and trusted partner that provides a valuable product or service to their friends.

The secret to building relationships with your customers is to apply the law of reciprocity. As Zig Ziglar says, “You can have anything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want”. Don’t just treat this as a wise quotation, actually embrace the principal and be authentic and ensure that you have real intentions of helping your customers.

When interacting with anyone, especially you customers, look for opportunities to discover and understand their goals, dreams, pains and challenges. Once you have a clear understanding of the situation, start to look for ways to help them. Shift your thinking from sealing, to a mindset of offering real authentic help to everyone around you. This will transform your behavior and people will see the real intention behind your connection with them is to connect with and help them.

This is a much easier way to sell that is far more enjoyable, meaningful and rewarding for both parties. Sharpen your helping (sales) skills and you will have a massive competitive advantage. You will become an effective influencer and invaluable ally to everyone you meet.mail box every day!


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