Your Attitude and Strength Of Character Will Determine Your Altitude

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One of the most important choices you must make every day is the type of attitude you project to everyone around you. A positive, optimistic attitude will empower you and set the tone for great success and fulfillment.

The many good and bad choices you make throughout your life will determine the depth of character you get to develop. As you know, your attitude and depth of character are the two building blocks of sustainable success, so ensure that you empower yourself to consistently make the right choices and that you project a positive attitude to everyone around you.

Make the conscious decision to apply sufficient energy and effort to change yourself from who you currently are, into who you need or want to be. This process becomes possible for you, when you take responsibility for changing your life and you consistently take positive steps to project a positive attitude and develop the strength of character necessary for success.

Your character is not something that is stagnant and unchangeable; it is something that is shaped by the way you choose to respond to everything that happens to you throughout your life.

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You get to choose to strengthen or weaken your character by how you choose to respond to everything in your environment. There are really only two choices, you can make: you choose to be a “winner” or you choose to be a “whiner”. “Winners” are positive, believe in the potential and are in an empowered state eager for success. “Whiners” are negative, always looking for someone else to blame, they have no self confidence and are completely dis empowered. What attitude do you choose?

You become a “Winner” by choosing to nurture positive qualities within yourself. Think of the analogy of gathering wood to build a huge bonfire. When building a bonfire, you need to search diligently for the right wood and then light a flame under the wood that until the wood catches fire and burns properly.

The same is true for building the character and attitude of a “winner”. You must diligently search every day for the fuel to feed your character and attitude. Once you have gathered enough fuel, you must ignite the flame of your passion under the fuel and commit to keep searching for and adding great fuel to the fire of your potential, so that you ensure that you sustain your success.

When you commit to consistently build your character and attitude, you get to gradually chisel yourself into the type of person you need to be. As you gradually change into this new person, you will begin to attract the success you desire and deserve



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