We All Have a Lucky Charm

As Oprah says “Success is when opportunity meets preparation”. Are you satisfied with amount of preparation you are putting in every day? Are you acquiring the skills, knowledge and resources you will need when your big opportunity crosses your path? We all have lucky breaks cross our paths at some time or other. Super achievers know this and ensure that they use this principal to their advantage. They work every day to improve and become more. So that when luck shines upon them they are prepared and able to take advantage of it.

When Richard Branson was asked this question he stated that he attributed his incredible level of success to Luck. In fact he stated that we are all lucky to live in a free society, with opportunity everywhere. We are surrounded by luck and opportunity. No one person is any luckier than another. The difference between super achievers like Richard Branson and every one else is that he takes advantage of his lucky breaks, every time they cross his path. Are you preparing to take advantage of the next lucky break that crosses your path?

If you want to increase the probability of becoming lucky then introduce the following few criterion into your life and apply them daily.

Invest time every day preparing for opportunity or your lucky break. Commit to become a little better today than you were yesterday. Improve your skills, knowledge, become recognized as the expert in your field, develop relationships with people that can assist you and grow your resources. This consistent preparation will set you up to take advantage of opportunity when it crosses your path and believe me it will most definitely cross your path.

You create belief in yourself and foster an attitude in which you orient yourself to constantly look for opportunities or lucky situations to appear. See yourself as being really lucky and see fortuitous situations all around you.

There really are opportunities all around you if you are willing to look and see the world, without your blinkers on. You will never see what you are not looking for and you most certainly will never be looking for something you do not believe in. Believe in yourself and that luck is all around you. Constantly prepare and actively seek out luck or opportunity and you will immediately see huge positive change in your life.

Look at your world differently. You will begin to see opportunities or lucky breaks show up every where. Luck or opportunity is all around you and will show up if you believe it will and you are searching and constantly on the look out. Don’t try to force luck, it will show up, it will find you. Luck or opportunity crosses your path every day. Look and you will see, seek and you will find.

When you have done all the preparation necessary, you believe in your skills and ability, you know opportunity is out there and you finally identify yours. The last step is to simply take action. This is probably the one step that separates those few super achievers from the masses. They get off their butts and take advantage of their luck. Mediocre people allow their luck to pass them by. You now know that your life is filled with luck and opportunity, are you going to take advantage of your, this time?


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