Leadership Program – You can never achieve more than you believe is possible

Leadership Program

You can never achieve more than you believe is possible

Andrew offers one of the best leadership programs in South Africa, his objective when he works with your organisation, is to offer you a set of tools and techniques, which will allow you to encourage your team to always deliver their best. He will show you that your beliefs about anything, whether founded in fact or just the figment of your fertile imagination, dictate the quality of the outcomes you are able to enjoy in your life. Almost everyone, who is trapped in a life, which lacks meaning and fulfilment, is causing their own lack of progress, due to unfounded beliefs about themselves and their environment. When you fill your mind with incorrect assumptions and beliefs, you reinforce your fears and insecurities and you deflate or destroy your dreams, effectively sounding the death knell for any success you desire.

After you have attended one of Andrews leadership programs, you will be equipped to find the best way to ensure that your assumptions and beliefs are serving you. This will be achieved by helping you to tackle them head on and discover the truth about them. Once you remove all the wrong assumptions and unfounded beliefs, which you hold as irrefutable facts, from your experience. You are able to change your starting beliefs and greatly improve your chances of attracting the success you desire. Use the list of assumptions and beliefs, which I have listed below, to start exploring your own assumptions and beliefs about yourself and your environment and see if you can uncover the truth about your life.

Please use the list of the dream killer assumptions below to assess your own beliefs and assumptions, to see if they are serving you or not. This list will help you to shift your beliefs and allow you to adopt a better set of assumptions and beliefs, which will support, rather than limit your success.

  1. Do you often assume that you know exactly what is going on around you and as such you blunder blindly into projects without sufficient preparation? These constantly evolving and rapidly changing times, requires us to stop and ask enough questions to equip us with all the info we need before we pull the trigger on any new project. The rule of thumb here is when you think you have all the info you need, dig a just little deeper and see what you can uncover. The time must obviously come, where you have explored, examined and discovered and you must begin taking action. This should only happen when you have a respectable level of confidence in what you are about to do.
  2. Never assume that just because you have invested time to acquire as much information as possible about any project and you have developed a plan to bring the project to life, that you will not encounter any challenges along the way. No plan is fool proof; you can never anticipate all possibilities, which may arise. Be flexible and be willing to roll with the inevitable punches or challenges, which will cross your path. Do not allow yourself to give up at the first hurdle, know that challenges are part of any success journey and as such they are never a reason to quit.
  3. Stop assuming that you can succeed alone, great achievement seldom occurs in a vacuum. A mentor, coach or accountability partner will serve you well and offer you an additional set of eyes and ears. They will serve you by offering you an additional set of hands, a different perspective and a second opinion. There are numerous options where you can get the help and support you need. You can never assume that someone is unwilling to help you. Ask the difficult questions, you will be astounded at how many people are willing to help. The secret to get positive responses from the people you approach is to be crystal clear and tell them exactly what you expect and need. My experience has shown that if you can state exactly how much time you need and what you expect from them and you throw in the cherry on top of what you can offer them in return, nine out of ten people will accede to your request.
  4. Stop assuming that you do not have sufficient knowledge or skill. Success is about ideas, which have been acted upon, never about how many diplomas you have hanging on your wall. Any area where you feel you lack either knowledge or skill, can easily be overcome by investing into books, audio books, DVD’s or attending a seminar on the subject. If you can think it, someone has invested time to ink it.
  5. Stop assuming that you need to have strengths in every area and that you must develop your weaknesses, before embarking on any new project. Nothing could be further from the truth. Focus all you resources on developing your strengths. Ignore your weaknesses and get someone, who plays at what you struggle with to carry out the tasks where you have weaknesses.
  6. Stop seeing a lack of money as a reason not to start any project. Explore all the options available to you. Take a medium to long term view of any project, which seems to require more money than you can raise at that time. Build a plan to first save, earn or borrow the money you need. It is astounding what you can achieve in five or ten years, with concentrated effort, focus and determination.
  7. Remove the dream killing assumption that you do not have sufficient time to tackle any worthwhile project. We all have 86400 seconds in a day; super achievers like Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and Donald Trump manage to achieve so much each day, because they allocate how they spend their time really well. Once you discover and eliminate all the time wasting activities you engage in every day, you learn to delegate low priority functions to others and you become more efficient and effective, you will most definitely have the time you need to succeed.

This leadership program will allow you to examine your dream killing and limiting assumptions and beliefs, see which ones are limiting you and keeping you trapped in mediocrity. Shift your attitude and philosophy around these silly assumptions and finally pull the trigger on the success you desire and deserve. You truly are magnificent and once you confront your incorrect assumptions and beliefs head on, you equip yourself for greatness.

Author: Andrew Horton Ledearship Program Experts




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