Money creates far more than just freedom

“What is your relationship with Money”? Do you feel guilty for having expectations that there is a transfer of money, to you for products or services that you supply? Too many people feel guilty when they charge for their services.  They feel that money is not aligned with their spiritual purpose and that expecting a fair price for services rendered is not a true reflection of their true value.  There is never a reason to feel guilty for charging a fair price for all services rendered, when everything is in balance and there is a fair exchange of value between parties.

It is time for you to upgrade your relationship with money and to start seeing money as only a measure of value. Both money and value have the same number of letters, it is time to shift the way you view money and to begin seeing the exchange of money as merely a fair exchange for the value you have offered.  As you make the choice to step into a more empowered relationship with money and you look on all transactions as only a fair exchange of value, you will stop seeing yourself as, someone who trades hours for money and you will start to identify the true value you have to offer. As you train your mind to make the shift and you stop viewing yourself as someone that merely trades dollars for money, you begin to see the real value that you have to offer and charging a realistic price for the value you add becomes comfortable.

When you break free from your unconscious habit of exchanging time for money; you will immediately stop feeling resentful about money. As you view money as merely a means of representing value and your contribution as a means of adding value to people, you change your relationship with money and more money or value will flow to you.

As you see your true value and you begin to attract more money (value) to yourself. You are able to establish a strong foundation of financial security that will give you the opportunity to have more freedom and choice.  A strong financial foundation allows you to become far more focused and frees you up to concentrate your efforts on things that really matter to you. Recognise your true value today and start to build a fortress of financial security around yourself. The benefits of living a life free from financial worry stretches far beyond mere freedom of choice. As your financial cushion grows, you begin to live a life free from unnecessary stress, your health improves and you have far more energy.

As you align yourself with abundance and prosperity, you build mutually beneficial bridges and connection with people that can support you and whom you can support in return. This helps you to keep growing and expanding, constantly becoming more and allowing you to turn your success into significance. Significance is a place where you are able to help others to grow and achieve the outcomes they desire. I believe that we are striving for significance and as this can only really be achieved by helping others, we must move our focus away from merely becoming successful and strive to help as many people as is humanly possible get what they want.

Commit to keep spreading your gifts and allow value to flow freely around you, as you engage in fair exchange, with everyone that you touch. See money or value as a flow of energy and see it circulating from people through you and then back out into the universe once again. As you grow and expand, you are better able to participate in this flow of energy and value. Commit to support important causes and give freely to inspiration, care for those less fortunate than you and leave a legacy of real love and grace.


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