Motivational Speakers Keynote Address

This Motivational Speakers Keynote Address is for:

  • Teams, who are frustrated with the quality and quantity of work they manage to get done every day, because they feel demotivated and de-energised
  • Teams who are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by unexpected changes.
  • Teams that feel overwhelmed disinterested and lack real energy and drive.
  • Teams who want to learn how to embrace a common vision and utilize this to unify their efforts, thereby inspiring a unified team spirit.
  • Teams who want to discover the reason they feel de-motivated, so they can regain that feeling of inspiration and thereby maximize the quality and quantity of work they are able to get done each day.
  • Teams who want to learn how to embrace any challenges they may be facing and find ways to turn this into opportunity and inspiration.
  • Teams who want to learn how to unlock their hidden potential and become driven and inspired to achieve their best

This inspirational and energising motivational presentation is delivered by one of the top inspirational and motivational speakers and behavioural shift experts in the South Africa. Andrew has over twenty five years of practical business experience. He has honed his very effective ability to inspire and re-energise business professionals, in the laboratory of his numerous very successful businesses over the past 25 years.

He has developed a method of discovering the reason why teams and individuals lack inspiration or feel demotivated. Motivation is never a solution; it is always symptom of some other underlying challenge. Andrew will work with the leadership team to uncover the causes of the lacklustre performance or lack of motivation and will then design a motivational process to address these issues. Once the underlying reasons for the lack of motivation are removed, the overall energy and feeling of inspiration within any team will dramatically improve. He will teach you and your team a number of practical tools and techniques, which you can immediately apply in your life or business, to dramatically increase your team’s level of inspiration. This will result in dramatic improvements in both productivity and performance.

This Motivational presentation will guide you to begin the process to develop a new approach to understanding team motivation and by identifying and eliminating the causes of the lack of motivation, teams are able to very quickly remove the symptoms and feel re-energised and motivated once again.


My main objective when I offer this presentation is to help all attendees to start to make the crucial shift necessary to discover the underlying reasons for their lack of motivation and then help them to re-ignite the fire of inspiration in their own bellies once again. It is crucial that they understand that motivation is a symptom of some other underlying cause and is never the solution in itself. I will highlight a few simple, yet extremely effective ideas, which will help everyone, make the crucial shift from overwhelm to acceptance, understanding and finally manageability. This will help all team members to re-discover their passion and purpose once again.

After attending this presentation by one of the best motivational speakers, you will discover and understand the reality and complexity of the new and constantly changing world we live in. Each team member will feel inspired and will discover their own flame of inspiration. It is time to fasten your mental seat belts and to accept that the way you have done things until now, is no longer going to work the same in the future. If you want to reach the next level of accomplishment in your personal life or business, you find ways to re-energise and motivate yourself.

You will be guided to answer the following questions:

  1. What is causing my team to feel de-motivated?
  2. Does the team have clarity of purpose and a common vision for the future?
  3. Has every team member understood the team or corporate vision and do they know their individual role necessary to help the team realise this vision?
  4. How can we use this to our advantage and re-fire the teams flame of inspiration?
  5. Individuals – Have I changed?
  6. What do I need to change or improve about myself?
  7. Has the team dynamic changed
  8. How do we positively change the team dynamic?
  9. Is the team or corporate culture affecting levels of motivation?
  10. Activity Management – Are there any underlying challenges with the way we tackle our activities every day?
  11. Energy Management – Do we need to explore ways of reducing stress, improving exercise commitments and how can planned rest help?
  12. Self-Management – How can you better manage yourself and your commitments to contribute to the overall performance of the team?
  13. How will this help to motivate, inspire and re-energise the team?
  14. Effective Planning – Is a general lack of planning, causing the lack of motivation?

Additional Motivational and Inspirational Resources: 

  1. Our unique online training program will support your team to gradually apply all the tools they will learn during my Keynote  address. This will allow you to get a great return on your investment as your team will actually get to enjoy the benefits of my talk long after the event is over.
  2. A daily inspirational message is sent to each person that attends this intervention. This is an opt-in system that delivers an inspirational message right into the email of everyone that signs up on Andrew’s website. The inspiration or motivation may fade after attending my sales and relationship building workshop. This daily inspirational message is designed to help maintain the momentum created by the workshop.
  3. A Positive Affirmation CD. This CD is an audio recording containing positive affirmations. This resource is used daily to create a positive start to every day and helps to remove those nagging negative thoughts that flow so freely through our minds every day. When used consistently this CD will give you a positive start to every day and set the tone for an amazing day.
  4. An audio recording detailing the concepts that are highlighted during the Intervention. This CD serves as a reminder after the event, to help the sales professionals stay on track and serves as another source of positive information to keep people on track.
  5. A CD recording, containing positive statements and affirmations. This resource is designed to serve as a reminder to stay on track. This CD is a powerful motivator and will empower you on those days when you feel uninspired or down.

My no. 1 goal during this motivational workshop is: 

  1. To ignite magic in each audience member, to connect with them, so that I can help them to renew their vision, discover a lost belief or even birth a new one.
  2. To create a spark in as many people in the audience as possible or to inspire them to take action so they can achieve exactly, what they desire!

My relaxed and humorous style ensures that my message is remembered long after the presentation is over.

  • 1. Your Pain
    Your team is uninspired, disinterested, demotivated and they lack drive. You want to provide them with a few tools to equip them with a few skills, which will help them become more inspired and energised. You want to improve their lacklustre performance so that you can bring their performance and activities in line with expectations.
  • 2. Understanding what is causing their lack of Motivation– Where are you and what is wrong
    We explore your team’s current challenges and try to uncover why they are uninspired, de-energised and why they lack drive. We identify their specific needs pertaining to motivation and uncover the underlying reasons why they feel uninspired. This information is then utilised to tailor make a motivational and inspirational intervention intervention, which will help you and your team re-discover your drive and inspiration.We focus on discovering ways of turning overwhelm and dis-interest into something positive,developmental, energising and inspirational for every team member. This shift helps every team member to discover their own internal flame of inspiration, where through understanding and clarity, they are able to turn the things that they find limiting, disheartening and demotivating, into the drive and inspiration, where they feel energised and driven to succeed.
  • 3. Measurable Outcome – What outcome do you want to achieve
    We decide on a measurable outcome, which we want to achieve after the motivational intervention. I want you to get a return on your investment and should your team apply all the tools and techniques I teach them during this motivational process, they remain uninspired and their results do not improve, I will refund my entire fee. I am in the business of under promising and always over delivering.
  • 4. Build a Practical Motivational and Inspirational Process, to help you and your team achievethe Desired Level of Drive and results you want
    We will explore the challenges facing your team and the reasons they are uninspired, demotivated and feeling overwhelmed. Using this as the foundation for the motivational intervention, we will design a motivational process, which will guide your team to discover their own internal fire of inspiration.. We will then guide your team to seamlessly introduce these new tools and processes into their lives, so that they will feel driven and energised to perform at their best every day. By eliminating the causes of the lacklustre performance and lack of motivation, we will see long term improvements in the level of motivation experienced by all your team members. We will guide them to make a few crucial, but necessary shifts to their daily behaviour and philosophy, thereby helping them to discover a new lease on life and drive to succeed.
  • 5. Guide Team to Adopt new Motivational Process
    The new motivational process is introduced to your team during our inspirational presentation or our one or two day motivational workshops. This process is enhanced and supported by our daily Inspirational message, Motivational training manuals, audio cd motivational programmes, DVD Motivational videos and motivational affirmation CD’s.
  • 6. Achieve Desired Improvement in Team Motivation
    Leadership team is guided to introduce measurement criterion to monitor improvements in your teams drive and levels of motivation.The training is only effective if the new motivational process is adequately learned and applied consistently, in the lives of every team member.

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