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Daily Routines for Super Achievement

I have not ever met anyone, who did not want to achieve the best possible outcome or results in their lives. The challenge as I see it is that there is only a very low percentile of people, who are satisfied with their achievements and who are living the life of meaning and fulfilment they want. I believe the reason so few people achieve the outcomes they desire, is not because they don’t want to. I believe that it is simply because they do not know how to.

The few tips I want to share with you today, on how to invite the level of achievement you want into your life, are not earth shattering. They are however very effective and when applied consistently in your life will help you to achieve remarkable results.

So when you are reading this article, do not ask yourself, if you know the concepts I will share with you today. Rather ask whether you are consistently doing them every day. Once you start the doing, don’t expect to see immediate returns. These are behaviours and philosophies, which require time to percolate and develop. Over time they will however deliver the results you desire. If you are persistent and keep applying these few crucial life philosophies going forward, things will change for the better. Your only challenge is to keep doing every day.

Commit to Life Long Learning

I wake up every morning and set my timer for 30 minutes. During this time I read inspirational, educational or developmental literature. This daily habit does two things for me. It firstly helps me to consistently improve my knowledge, skills and experience every day and secondly it puts me in a very positive frame of mind to tackle my day. After my 30 minutes of reading, I feel inspired and eager to tackle the tough stuff, first thing in the morning. I know the same will be true for you, if you introduce this simple, yet crucial new daily routine into your success habit set.

Add to your daily commitment to read for 30 minutes, a further daily commitment to listen to educational or transformational audio books, whilst driving around in your car and you have the makings for massive personal growth. The success you attract in the future will depend on what you are able to become. As you commit to learn daily, by reading for half an hour and listening to Audio books during your commute in your car every day. You will keep growing and expanding and so will the success you are able to enjoy.

3 VIP’s

When are you the most refreshed and when do you have the most energy available to perform your toughest tasks of the day? The time you are most energised, is obviously when you wake up first thing in the morning, after a good night’s sleep. At this time of day your energy levels are at their highest and you are the most alert and inspired. It is for this reason that I recommend that you invest the first 90 Minutes of your day (after reading for 30 minutes), to carry out the three most important tasks, which you need to perform that day.

These are the tasks you identify daily, during the time you spend planning your day the night before. I assume that you do spend a few minutes every evening, once you have reviewed your progress for the day, to think about and plan how you will spend your time the next day. The 3 VIP’s I am referring to here are the three tasks, which will contribute the most value to you the next day. i.e. the task which will contribute the most benefit towards your success that day or the three task, which will contribute the most towards achieving your goals. This simple act of completing your most important priorities first thing every morning ensures that they actually get done every day. Your consistent commitment towards carrying out these tasks every day, will over time, add up into remarkable success.

Measure new Success Habit every day

You are one or two small behavioural shifts away from enjoying that remarkable break through, you have always dreamt about and as you know, whatever gets measured gets done. So if you truly want things to change in the future, identify a new behaviour that you want to introduce into your life and then measure how well you do introducing and applying it in your life, every day.

Perform and measure each new behaviour or habit for 21 days. When you consistently do this, throughout the year, you can develop at least 17 new behaviours each year. As you are only a few behavioural shifts away from the breakthrough you want, I am certain that 17 new success habits will completely revolutionise your life experience.  

The new behaviours you choose to measure are unique to you and your life experience. So whatever it is you are trying to achieve, will be the deciding factor on what behaviours you choose to measure.

  • If you are a sales professional, you may want to measure how consistently you prospect, call on existing customers, research prospects daily etc.
  • If you are an author, you may want to measure how many words you write a day.
  • If you want to improve your health you may measure the time and days you spend exercising every day, or the quality of your food choices etc.
  • If you want introduce any of these new tips, which I have described in this article, may be what you measure every day.

The new behaviour you choose to measure every day must support you to achieve your goals.

Introduce the three simple new routines, which I have described in this article into your daily success habit set and within a very short space of time, you will see remarkable improvements in the results you are able to enjoy in your life.

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