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motivational sales speakers areAs one of the most energetic motivational sales speakers around, I want to ask you when last you made time for yourself just sit and be comfortable and enjoy your own company? Enjoying the joy and happiness of just living, loving and lapping up all the wonder life has to offer? Simply said, when last did you give yourself the benefit of some time alone, with the most important person in your life?

Where you give yourself:

• Time to just sit
• Time to just sit and reflect.
• Time to just sit, reflect and dream.
• Time to just sit, reflect, dream and relax.
• Time to just sit, reflect, dream, relax and be
• Time to just sit, reflect, dream, relax, be and search within.
• Time to just sit, reflect, dream, relax, search within and allow yourself to explore your inner desires.

My personal experience has led me to believe that one of the major reasons so few people manage to find fulfilment, meaning and happiness, is simply because, they have never mastered the art of just being. A content and comfortable place, where they can feel happy just being with themselves, away from the constant noise and distraction of their everyday lives.

What is the Norm for you?

Noise and distraction has unfortunately become the norm for most of us, in the hustle and bustle of our modern rushed lives. There is distraction all around us, all the time, where we are constantly distracted by billboards, noise from our car radios, TV’s, smart phones, computers and every other modern appliance imaginable. This constant never ending noise never allows any of us to relax, reflect and to dream. The constant chatter, going on all around us, keeps us in a constant state of stress and even distress, where it is not unusual for some people to eventually become overwhelmed or worse, just plain numb. The sad truth is that to cope, with the constant bombardment, most people eventually live in a virtual coma, running aimlessly on a hamster wheel of busyness to nowhere.

Motivational Sales Speakers show you that, Now is the Time to Wrestle back Control

Motivational Speakers show you that you only really have two choices, firstly you can choose to remain locked in a coma, which will keep you trapped in average, or you can make a far wiser choice, where you choose to wrestle back control of your experience and you give yourself time to be alone with yourself and your creative thoughts. I see with my own daughter, how she can never sit in silence and just be with her own thoughts.

My Daughter is a perfect example of how we are trapped in this cycle of noise

Even when Brynn is studying for an exam, she sits with earphones in her ears, listening to music. She is unable to even sit in silence when she is meant to be focused on her studies. Heaven forbid, I should switch the radio or the educational cd I have playing in the car off, so that I can drive in silence for a while to think and reflect. She immediately pipes up and asks me to put the radio back on. It truly is sad that we have allowed the noise, which distracts, destroys and limits, to become such a crucial part of our daily lives and life experience.

Give yourself permission to just be

I know it feels normal and the way things are, but the constant noise all around you is not just overwhelming. It is distracting you from living and enjoying the generating the creative thinking, which will propel you to great heights of success.

Action Idea: Schedule time every day to just be with yourself and your thoughts, to meditate, relax, think and just be. The secret is to learn to love the silence and give yourself permission to once again turn up the volume on your inner voice. Learn to listen once again and to trust the wisdom of your inner all-knowing self and then use the wisdom, which it will bring, to create the life of your dreams.


This presentation by one of the top motivational sales speakers in South Africa, will teach you to focus once again and draw as much substance as possible from each moment of silence. Use each one to listen, learn and grow. Once you learn the art of being, where you can just sit in silence and listen, you will have mastered the art of truly living an incredible life, meaningful and fulfilling life.

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Andrew Horton

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