Motivational Sales Speakers guide you to Awaken your Childlike Fascination once again

motivational sales speakers 1This presentation by one of the most entertaining motivational sales speakers in South Africa, will show you that over 80 % of children show they are creative before the age of two. By the time they turn ten, this number has dropped to just 2 %. What happened to all that creativity, between two and ten? Did society, its expectations and norms rob all those children of their creative power and other natural abilities we possess as children?

Where does it all go?

What happens to those incredible abilities we possess as children? Things like fascination, curiosity, excitement and that belief in ourselves and trust in those around us seems to be lost, as we spend time trying to fit into the world. Are all these gifts lost because we are all required to comply with society’s expectations, where the needs of the individual are always secondary. Don’t you think, right now, is time to stop marching to other people’s drums.

The future belongs to you

Wrestle back control and uncover those crucial life skills, which you have lost, since turning “ADULT”. Allow yourself to let your creativity shine once again, permit yourself to be fascinated by the wonder around you once again, see your world through a new set of curious eyes, feel real excitement and show the world your incredible zest for life. Not only will you be better equipped to achieve the success you desire, but you will also get to enjoy the journey as you travel to get there far more too. Once you unleash your childish gifts, you will, feel an excitement, zest and drive, which you have not known for many years, carousing through your veins.

Motivational Sales Speakers help you to Re-Awaken your Childish Curiosity and Fascination

Action Idea: Consciously wake up every day and become curious once again. Give yourself permission to look around your world and to see all the wonder and bountiful opportunity, which exists all around you, right now, but, which you have not allowed yourself to see. It is time to set your childlike fascination and curiosity free, so that you can uncover as much wonder as possible every day and learn as many new lessons as possible each day.

You will be astounded at what pops up in your world, which has been hidden from you, when you reach out and allow yourself to see through curious eyes, filled with expectant fascination once again,. Allow yourself to see through eyes, which are not blinded by society’s limiting expectations and norms. When you become curious and fascinated by everything going on around you in your world, you set your childlike gifts free, where you reach into your world, learning and growing every day.

Set your Passion Free

Action Idea: Find some quiet alone time and uncover ways to feel excited and driven by your passion once again. I am sure you will agree that there is nothing more magical or compelling, than watching a child’s unbridled excitement about everything going, which is going on in their world. Their excitement about the smallest things, where they can’t even get to sleep at night due to the excitement and then wake up extra early just to start another wonderful day.

Introspect for a moment and imagine the scope and scale of your potential success, if you could, go to bed excited every day and then wake up passionate the next morning, thinking about the potential your day offered?

Believe in Yourself

It is time to stop being so suspicious about everyone and everything in your world. Learn to stop being so sceptical and start to trust again. I am not suggesting that you become naïve and irresponsible here. Of course you still need to conduct a due diligence, before plunging into any new venture.

What I am suggesting here is that you learn to have faith in your inner self again, learn to listen to your inner voice or intuition once again. You possess an inner knowing, which you have taught yourself to doubt over the years. Give yourself permission to turn the volume up on that inner all-knowing voice, trust and believe once again. When you can learn to trust your inner all- knowing self and you completely believe in your ability to achieve your vision in the future. A new world of possibility opens up to you.

Change your World

Remember that if you want your world to change, you need to change. As one of the top motivational sales speakers I will ask you to imagine how your world will change, when you awaken your childlike fascination, curiosity, excitement, once again and you turn the volume up on your deep rooted belief in yourself and our abilities? I have no doubt that you will completely alter the way your future will turn out. Re-awaken those childish characteristics within yourself and your whole world will change as the magic begins and wonder is revealed to you once again.

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