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I have spent some time introspecting, over the festive season. I have been exploring our journey through life. To me the way to unlock your magnificent self comes from allowing, doing and being. What this means, is that you need to get out of your own way, so that you can “allow” yourself to think positive thoughts, which will inspire you to have huge expectations. These expectations will then drive positive daily activities (doing), which will finally allow you to achieve the outcomes you really want in your life (being).

Enjoy the Journey

Life is a journey along a magnificent path, which will be filled with challenges, setbacks and roadblocks. Wow, that is a really negative statement, from someone, who always writes very positive articles. Why should our journey through life, be filled with anything negative at all? Can we not just visualise a challenge free, positive path and enjoy exactly that? Well let’s explore this concept a little. I have read hundreds of biographies and personally interviewed 97 super achievers. I am sure you are not surprised to hear that every one of them, experienced challenges on their path towards success. So what makes you think your journey will be any different?

Lessons from the Super Achievers, who have gone before

Nelson Mandela, had a great walk to freedom and look what he became. Had Winston Churchill died at the age of 63, no one would have even known who he was. Even Mother Teresa encountered numerous challenges, as she worked in the ghettos of Calcutta, working to make this a better world. The list goes on and on.

I regard myself as one of the most positive people on this planet, but based on my observations of past super achievers and understanding the path every super achiever in waiting (YOU) must walk. It is clear to me that every path towards success, including yours, will be filled with challenge. It just is the way things are. Your path as you travel towards your dreams will be blazed with challenge, choice, daily action or lack thereof and your responses to the events, which will inevitably come your way.

It is a Jungle out There

I am sure that you have heard the phrase “It’s a jungle out there”. The truth is that, yes your journey will be filled with challenge. The trick, as you travel the path towards becoming a super achiever, is to never allow the challenges; you encounter, to define you. Challenges, setbacks and roadblocks, are not unique to you.

Challenges Polish you up

When you embrace challenges and accept that they are sent to polish you up, and that they highlight opportunities, which may have remained hidden, had you not encountered the challenge in the first place? They also support you to grow and gain the experience you need to become the kind of person you need to be, to attract the success you desire. The art of super success means that you must learn to embrace challenge, accept it and then use it to make your life better.

Now is the Best time to have ever lived

I believe that we are currently living in the most incredible period of opportunity, which will ever exist on this wonderful planet. The development of new technologies, rapid rate of change and peoples new and growing expectations, has opened a Kaleidoscope of opportunity for everyone.

Anyone with access to the internet can effortlessly become a trader, a book seller and a provider of services to anyone, anywhere in the world. The ability to have a complete ecommerce website and access to online banking means that large corporations no longer have any advantage over smaller suppliers. The playing field is pretty level and amazing new opportunities are everywhere, if you are willing to look, explore and see the world through an enquiring mind.

Opportunities are everywhere

The world can indeed be a savage place, for the ignorant, uneducated, unprepared, unskilled and ill informed. It can also be an abundant, incredible place filled with opportunity at every turn, for those people, who have spent their lives preparing, learning, gaining skills and who remain flexible with an open enquiring mind. When you have invested time preparing and you have learned the art of viewing challenges as temporary, where you always respond to them positively, finding ways to learn from them and you grow because of them, you will discover the opportunities they highlight. At worst super achievers have learned how to mitigate challenges and setbacks, so that they do not allow them to stop their progress.

 Tips to Make a success of your Journey

  • Expectations – You must have huge expectations. No one ever exceeds his or her own expectations.
  • Vision – You can never achieve those expectations, unless you clearly define them and create a crystal clear picture, to define the path you need to travel to achieve them.
  • Belief – You will never have the desire to take the daily action you need to take, unless you believe you have what it takes to achieve your vision.
  • Know why – Unless you have a clear understanding of why you want to achieve your vision, you will not have the will to overcome those inevitable challenges, which will come your way.
  • Knowledge – Success is achieved when preparation meets opportunity. You can never fully exploit any opportunity, unless you have the skill necessary to do so. A commitment to lifelong learning means that you are constantly preparing, growing and expanding your ability to achieve success and take advantage of ever-larger opportunities.
  • Habits – A positive set of the right success habits, will ensure that you achieve the outcomes you want. Over 95 % of your actions daily are directed by your habits. A perfect set of success habits, will ensure that you take the action you need to take daily, to achieve the outcomes you want.

When you invest sufficient effort into developing and applying the above formula for success in your life, you will inevitably achieve the results you want. The quality of your journey through life will depend on your commitment towards ongoing training, attitude, knowledge, skills, confidence, belief and your deep-rooted drive to succeed.

Author: Andrew Horton

Andrew Horton

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