Build a Solid Foundation as depicted by Motivational Sales Speakers

motivational sales speakers newThis presentation by one of the most inspiring motivational sales speakers in South Africa, will ask you to invest a little time to introspect and ask yourself – “How strong is the foundation of your life right now”? As one of the top motivational sales speakers I will also ask you another question “Are you content that you have built a rock solid base, from which you can launch your future success“? I believe the foundation of your life is built on your values, which are comprised of your character, integrity, belief, loyalty and honesty. To truly be successful in life you need to ensure that you have a foundation, which is harmonious and based on all the crucial elements of your personal values.

I have seen people compromise on their values, where they have walked all over other people to acquire great financial wealth, using deceit as a tool for their success. These people appear to have all the flashings, which go with success, but they lack true friends and deep relationships with people, who matter. There are also those business professionals, who invest so much time into their corporate lives that they alienate their families, as they climb the corporate ladder. Or the business tycoon, who has acquired great financial wealth, but is lying alone in his bed in the hospital recovering from his second triple heart bypass operation. None of these people have an understanding of balance and harmony in their lives.

Motivational Sales Speakers assist you to Invite Harmony or Balance into your Life

As my experience grows and the more I see people around me compromise on their values. Where they live lives, which are out of sync with the harmony and balance in the universe, the more convinced I become that we have a responsibility to not only focus on one element in our lives, at the expense of any other. We must strive for harmony and always remain in alignment with our authentic self. We can never be content or fulfilled, if we live in a place which is unbalanced or out of sync with the universe or our own inner values. Your values are the cornerstone of your happiness and contentment.

We are thinkers and Doers

All of us go through live thinking thoughts, which drive our actions or lack thereof. We all act according to our most dominant thoughts, so if your dominant thoughts are focused on lack, negativity or losing, that is exactly what you will get to see in your life. I believe that we are all wonderful creators and winners in our own unique and special way. So if you want to achieve success and meaning in your life, you must act in alignment with your values and must remain focused on thinking positive developmental thoughts.

You must Think better thoughts

You are where you are right now because of what you have thought up until now. So if you want to change where you are going to end up one year, five years or even ten years from now, you must change the way you think. Your thinking drives your choices and decisions, which in turn determine the actions you take or fail to take and as the actions you take or fail to take, determine the results you experience. The obvious way to improve your results is to change the way you think.

What are your Foundation Stones?

This presentation by one of the most entertaining motivational sales speakers in South Africa, will ask you to think about your values or the foundation stones I have described earlier in this article, namely character, integrity, belief, loyalty and honesty. They are the raw materials your mind uses to create all its thinking and are at the core of all your thinking. As you can imagine they will determine, what you have, what you do and are the key factors, which determine the results you get to enjoy in your life. They are effectively the code, which determines how your life will turn out in the end. Unlimited opportunity resides within you. It is time to accept that success is not a result of chance, but choice. Make the wiser choice and  Choose to be authentic, live according to your true values and success is yours for the taking.

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