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Attitude is Everything

When you focus your energy on what is wrong, asking a poor quality question like “How can I get through my day”, you are learning nothing and are left in a bubble of overwhelm. Learn the art of no longer thinking about how bad things are and instead try to focus on how good they will be, in the future. This is only possible if you have a crystal clear vision for the future, which serves as the prize you can focus on, as you travel along your journey towards the success you desire.

As soon as you have clarity about where you are going, you are immediately equipped to ask a better quality question like, “What can I get from my day”, as things are no longer “In” your way, they are now “ON” your way, towards the vision you hold for the future? This places you in a better place, one where you have an open, exploring mind, where you are consistently looking for solutions, in a modality of learning and growth.

Positive Attitude

You are also in a far more positive state of mind, when you are solution focused and looking into the future to see prize, which awaits you. People with vision are better equipped to manage and mitigate any challenges, which will come their way. Note I said will come their way, not may come their way. Challenges are an integral part of any success journey and as such they must be expected. So when the inevitable happens and circumstances occur, which you interpret as challenging or which set you back a little, don’t be surprised, remain positive and view them from a positive, solution orientated perspective.

The secret to managing any challenge, which will inevitably come your way, is to accept that it is just part of any success journey, remain positive and ask a quality question Like “What can I get from this challenge”? This helps you keep your positive attitude intact and starts you looking for solutions, as soon as any difficulty or challenge occurs.

Stop, Breathe, Think and then Act

One of the greatest lessons I learned from my years of SCUBA diving, was to always Stop, Breathe, Think and then to Act. Use this simple process whenever you encounter a challenge in the future, to give you time to explore the challenge, to give you time to step back a little and think about what has happened. This process allows you to think rationally, instead of emotionally and will allow you to remain positive and solution orientated. It gives you the opportunity to remain in control, so that you can choose the right positive attitude, as you gradually find solutions and even opportunities, which may have remained hidden, had you not encountered the challenge in the first place.

Stay focused on the Prize

Keep your eye focused on where you are going, by staying focused on your vision or picture of possibility in the future. Use your vision and goals as the prize or promise in the future. This immediately reduces the amount of overwhelm you feel and allows you to focus on solving challenges in the moment, with the knowledge that they are just a part of your success journey.

When a racing car driver gets into a dangerous skid, during a race, they never take their eyes off the road ahead. They stay completely focused on where they want the car to go and never look to where it may go, as a result of the dangerous skid. This allows them to stay focused on their goal, rather on the challenge or slide they are encountering. The same is true for you as you travel along your journey towards achievement. Don’t focus on the challenges, instead remain focused on where you want to go and you too can control the slide or challenge and keep your car on track. Lose focus, take your eyes off the prize and you will crash and burn.

Focus on Solutions    

I know that the squeaky wheel is the one, which needs the immediate attention and needs to be greased. But for heaven’s sake once it is greased, move your focus back to the task at hand and stop worrying about it. It is a natural tendency for us to focus on difficult circumstances and almost impossible not to allow challenges to spin away in our minds, when we are in the thick of any difficulties. It is almost impossible to think about anything else.

Action Idea: Explore challenges, just long enough to find solutions and then try to move your focus back to your journey. Remaining focused on how bad things are only overwhelms you. Be solution orientated and try to always focus on the positive results or outcomes you will achieve in the future.

Action Idea 2: Don’t try to solve any challenge, which comes your way by constantly allowing it to just run through your head. Grab hold of a pen and paper and write down all the possible solutions. This allows you to order you thoughts and gives you a foundation for solving the challenge, instead of just allowing random thoughts to shoot through your mind.

Change your thought process

If you are struggling to find solutions to any challenges you are facing. Break away from it for a while, by listening to an inspirational CD or read an inspirational book. Allow your subconscious to go to work, behind the scenes. This removes the feeling of overwhelm and allows your mind time to relax and function. The external stimuli will help you move back into a positive state and will give your super conscious a chance to strut its stuff.

Control your Thoughts

One of the greatest powers you have is the ability to control your thoughts. When you encounter the inevitable challenges as you travel the path towards fulfilment and meaning, use your internal powers, to invite only positive thoughts into your mind. Dwell on all the good things in your life, show appreciation and feel gratitude. This positive state places you in a far better state to manage and mitigate any challenges.

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  • This is interesting, I just gave a presentation on focus, step part in my meeting at Toastmasters. I too agree onall the above.

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