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motivational sales speakersChanged Positive Thinking = Changed more Positive Beliefs

If you want to improve the results you are currently enjoying and I am sure that you do. It all starts with you modifying your beliefs about what is possible for you. The moment you change your thinking, you are able to change your beliefs. Remember that your beliefs are nothing more than the by-product of entrenched ways of thinking certain thoughts, until they became so entrenched that you actually bought into them as truth. Your beliefs are nothing more than a collection of continuous thoughts, which over time have formed into conviction.

All progress requires change, yet all change is not Progress

Not all change is equal. Some change brings positive desirable results, whilst other change is negative. Although the results of change may be so different, their origin is always the same. They are the result of different thinking about something new or thinking differently about the same thing. So if you want to make progress and increase your belief about what is possible for you, then you need to positively change your thinking.

Action Idea: Changing any belief you hold, may seem impossible, when first examined. The way to remove any overwhelm you may feel, is to break the process down into a manageable number of steps. When you do this you immediately reduce the perceived risk associated with making the change necessary.

Changed Beliefs = Changed Expectations

Whether you want to believe it or not. The life you are currently living is the result of your current beliefs and expectations. Limited beliefs = limited expectations and subsequently limited results. If you believe that you can do something with absolutely conviction, I am certain that you can. If you doubt you can do something, I am certain that you can’t do it. Your personal beliefs are nothing more than a deep rooted conviction that you can or can’t do something. They are that inner feeling that you can undertake something and actually accomplish it.

Belief empowers us

When you change your thinking and thus your belief about what is possible for you. Your eyes are opened, hidden opportunities become visible and your vision becomes not only probable, but possible for you. Understand that the beliefs you hold about anything, control your expectations, your actions and everything you do or fail to do. Success requires far more than merely working harder. It all starts with believing more positively about what you think you can achieve.

Certainty Factor

I like to call the right positive belief the “Certainty Factor”. If you expect to succeed and you feel a deep rooted certainty that you will, nothing can or will be able to stand in your way to stop you. The same is also true in the reverse. If you expect to fail and you doubt yourself, I have no doubt that you will fail. The results you achieve on the outside are a mirror of our belief and thinking, which goes on, on the inside.

Expectations Drive your Attitude to life

Better or bigger expectations, will help you have a better attitude towards life.

As Benjamin Franklin Said: “Blessed is the one who expects nothing, for he shall receive it.”

Don’t allow your tiny expectations to drive your attitude towards your life. Small expectations allow you to become accustomed to average. Accepting average is the most insidious waste of your talent. You are capable of achieving so much, don’t accept anything less than your best.

Nelson Boswell said it so well when he said: “The first and most important step toward success is the expectation that we can succeed.”

Improved Attitude Drives Improved Activity or Behaviour

William James was right when he said, “That which holds our attention determines our action.” As William James said anything you focus your attention on, becomes the things you act upon. So when you are able to positively change your attitude, you obviously positively change your behaviour or actions. What attitude are you projecting to the world a “Can Do Attitude” a “Can’t do Attitude” or a “Won’t even bother Attitude”? Your attitude, does most certainly determine your altitude.

Better or improved behaviour or activity = Improved Performance or Results

Leroy Eims said it so well when he said, “How can you know what is in your heart? Look at your behaviour. There is no better sign of the heart than the life.” The truest test of where a person is going is their behaviour”.

Break free from the habit of always focusing on old challenges; rather invest the time to discover new solutions. Then break free from that self-imposed comfort zone and get a little uncomfortable, for it is in the place where you feel a little discomfort that dreams are brought to life. Learn to live in a place with a little discomfort and you will grow, expand and improve. As you become more, you will inevitably attract more.

Improved Performance = Living the life of your dreams

As you have experienced in your life many times before, change is uncomfortable and even makes you feel alone and exposed. It can feel really hard and disconcerting, not something for the faint hearted. Change brings along and almost awkwardness feeling. Yes change can make you feel isolated, lonely and even removed from the people around you. It is for all these reasons that change is difficult.

The way to break this cycle of fear around change is to focus on the positive results, which flow from change. When you can focus on the prize or promise the positive change will bring, it becomes far easier to manage all the negative emotions associated with change. I am certain that it is far easier to turn a challenge or setback into success, than it is to turn a lame excuse into success. Dare to put your chin out, make those few positive changes you need to make and success is closer than you think. Use hope as the foundational principle for change.

You can never expect to introduce any positive change into your life, unless you have a prize or hope in the future to focus on. How cool is it that no one but you is responsible to make all the changes you need to make in your life. So what are you waiting for, make the positive changes you need to make and change the way your future will unfold.

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