Motivational Speakers will show you how to hold Quality Meetings with the most important person in your life?

Motivational Speakers will show you how to hold Quality Meetings with the most important person in your life?

I am one of the greatest motivational speakers and am sure that you know, by now, that the most important person in your life is no one, other than “YOU”. Your opinion of yourself, perceptions, values, self-worth and belief about what is possible for you, are the most factors, which will determine, how your life will unfold in the future. Any limits to your thinking or belief about what you believe is possible for yourself to achieve, will keep you trapped in average.

You are the most important critic and influencer, whose opinion plays the most significant role when determining, how things will turn out in the future. Every moment of every day, you are holding conversations with yourself. Right now for example you are evaluating this article and saying things like, “I understand that”, “how does that compare to my previous experiences”, or “That sounds great, “I will give it a go tomorrow”. These sorts of conversations are going on in your mind all the time. The challenge is to ensure that they always remain positive and supportive.

Worst Critic

I don’t know about you but I used to be a champion at criticising myself. I would say things like “Why are you so stupid”, “I can’t believe you made that mistake again” or “I am so pathetic”. As you can imagine, none of that self-talk served me in any positive way at all. In fact quite the opposite, was true. Negative self-talk like that causes your brain to search and discover answers to those ridiculous questions, breaking your self-confidence and reducing your feelings of self-worth. Learn to control your self-talk, ensuring that you keep it positive and you will have discovered a very powerful tool to support you on your success journey.

A few tips that will help

  • Your conversations you have with yourself and others is moulding how your life is unfolding.
  • How are you speaking to yourself? Are you acting like a nurturing coach or a damaging negative critic? Learn to say things like “That’s more like it”, “now you’re in the groove”, “what can I learn from that” or “After that lesson, I know I can do better next time”
  • Know that everyone makes mistakes, yes, even you. Mistakes, challenges, roadblocks and setbacks are nothing more than a temporary inconvenience, a learning opportunity, isolated and when viewed from a positive perspective, stepping stones to something better.
  • Success is inevitable, if you persist, take goal specific action daily, measure your performance regularly and reward your successes. You deserve success; why not show your gratitude, with celebration.
  • Learn the art of making time to be alone with “YOU”. You need to make time to become grounded, aware and comfortable with who and what you are. When you learn to be comfortable with yourself and you see the value of your solitary time, you position yourself to discover your inner self, where peace, contentment and self-worth reside.
  • You only need to brag about your achievements to others, if you feel insecure and are in need of recognition from the people around you. If you are truly comfortable with who and what you are, there is never a need to brag.
  • Never spend time telling people about how bad things are. Rather invest time asking positive questions, which will reveal a positive solution or that will encourage people to help you discover a positive resolution to the challenge. Always talk affirmatively about your progress, it will not only help you to remain positive, but will also allow others to want to support you too.
  • Look around your world and find positive role models to model and if possible to support you. Once you have discovered a recipe, a role model, who is doing or has done what you want to achieve, all you need to do, is model their behaviour and you will achieve the same success yourself

Action Idea: Starting right now, try going for 24 hours without saying anything negative to yourself or others. Try to make a game of it and, every time you catch yourself thinking or saying anything negative, put a few rand in a jar. Once you have managed to do this for a day, extend it to a week, then a month and finally try to make an entire year, without saying anything negative to yourself or others. It is not easy, but the results, which flow from this state of positive being, is well worth the effort.

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