Who needs LUCK?

motivational sales speakers luckWell unless you are referring to Anthony Robbins’s definition of LUCK. Namely to “Labour Under Correct Knowledge” The only other way you can depend on LUCK to create the incredible future you deserve, is to buy every single lottery ticket available. That way you are guaranteed to win the lottery. Otherwise the traditional belief around the role luck plays in the way your future will turn out remains just a tiny part of your success journey. If you truly want to unlock your greatness, then you need to create your own LUCK.

Creating your own “LUCK”

You really are magnificent, with so much pent-up possibility, waiting to burst out of you. It is idling, waiting for you to make the decision that you want to finally unleash it so that you can create your own LUCK. It all starts with you wrestling back control of your life, accepting responsibility for creating the future you desire and then opening your mind to discover and exploit any opportunities you uncover.

Become Receptive to Opportunity

You can never expect to unlock your “LUCKY”, unless you have programmed your own internal Google Search engine (Your RAS), by clarifying your vision, setting goals and taking goal specific action daily. Until you do this I am certain that there are a myriad of opportunities sitting in plain view, but because you are not actively looking for them. They are just sitting there being wasted. Use the gift of your RAS (Reticular Activating System) and actively search your world every day. You will astound yourself with all the opportunities and abundance, which is all around. All you need to do is look. I am certain that there are far more things conspiring to bring good into your life, than there are things trying to hurt you.

Becoming one of the “LUCKY” people

To become one of those “LUCKY” people, whose life just seems to reward them with prosperity, happiness and joy? You need to step outside of your self-imposed comfort zone and current daily routine. The things you currently do, every day, have got you to where you are today. If you want things to change, you need to change the way you do things. Your habits and routines need to change. Good LUCK becomes very predictable, when you program your mind by knowing and clarifying exactly what you want. You cannot go through life, living in a cloud of vagueness and expect incredible things to unfold in your life.

Firstly you won’t be looking for the opportunities and resources to bring specific pictures of possibility to life, so you will miss them. Secondly you will blunder through your days, lost in a bubble of busyness, never doing anything meaningful and finally you will get exactly what you have seen in your future – “NOTHING”.

Invite “LUCK” into your experience

Inviting “LUCK” into your experience is not as hard as you think. All you need to do, is use your gift of imagination to project yourself into the future. Then bring that picture of unlimited possibility, which you see, back to now. Create a meaningful and very inspirational story, using that picture, depicting exactly the kind of “LUCK” you want to experience in the future. Set goals, create action plans, take action daily using these plans as your guides and “LUCK” is yours for the taking. Luck is no more than organised providence moving your way, because you made it so.

I don’t really care what you call it. You can call it LUCK, systematic hard work, goal achieving or any myriad of other names you may want to use. The secret to success is really simple. It is only the execution, which is a little hard. When I say hard, all I really mean is that it requires a little daily discipline and willpower. Is that really so “HARD”? What are you waiting for. Get off your BUTT and make your own “LUCK

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