Is It all up to me as taught by Motivational Sales Speakers?

Motivational Sales SpeakersHave you accepted 100 % responsibility for the way your future unfolds? One of the top motivational sales speakers will ask you to search deeply to uncover the person, who you think is responsible for the way your life will turn out, one year, five years or ten years from now? Is it the current president, the high tax rate, interest rates, the high price of fuel or the state of the economy, which is keeping you trapped in a life of average? Do you believe one or all of these factors are keeping you trapped in a life you don’t deserve? Or is there another factor at play here, where someone a lot closer to you, is acting to limit your potential?

My Experience

I was like most people and never accepted responsibility for the way my life unfolded. I always played the blame game. I blamed everyone and everything around me for my lack of progress. All this ever did was keep me trapped in a life I did not enjoy. The moment I accepted 100 % responsibility for everything in my life, everything began to change. My relationships become far more fulfilling, my health improved, I started to love my career and my income and net worth began to grow exponentially too.

Accept Responsibility for both the good and Bad

I was just like you, before I chose to accept responsibility for everything in my life. Always eager to accept responsibility for all the good things, which I made happen in my life. Whenever I got a promotion, it was all me. Any new business deal I negotiated, yes you guessed, all me too. Every positive event in my life was all because I was at the top of my game and deserved it.

As you can imagine, when things went wrong, Like losing a big business deal, illness or a broken relationship, it was never my responsibility. There was always some extrinsic factor at play, which caused my ills. The truth is that what you think about, the decisions you make and the actions you take or fail to take, are moulding your life, moment by moment. When you can accept that everything, both all the good and the challenges you encounter are your responsibility, you empower yourself to change things for the better. As long as you are blaming and looking for reasons, outside of your control, you are powerless to make any positive changes.

Who is Responsible for you?

Nothing saddens me more than looking around my world, where I see so many people, who have abdicated their responsibility towards their own financial security. They mistakenly believe that the state should be responsible for their well-being and financial security. Wow how naive, can anyone be where they believe that the state should provide for them in their twilight years. They spend their lives connected to their TV screens, entertaining themselves to death, waiting, with clenched thumbs, hoping that someone else will take care of them. My advice is simple, don’t wait until it is too late and you are filled with regret, before you accept that “IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME

Now is your Time to Wrestle back control

Action Idea: Adapt the adage of “IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME” today and accept 100 % responsibility for everything in your life, from this moment forward, both the good and the bad.

No one, especially not the government, has any responsibility towards you and the way your life turns out. Accept that you have absolute responsibility for yourself and the way your future unfolds. Accept this right now and everything will change and that no one else is going to do anything for you.

If you want to live a fulfilling and meaningful life, then it is all up to you. Now is the time to grasp hold of the incredible opportunities, which are all around you right now. If you are going to turn those opportunities and the abundance which abounds, into success, then it is up to you. Wrestle back control and take control of your destiny, take charge of your future and accept that you can achieve greatness, the greatness you deserve. All you need to do is accept that no one but you is responsible to make things happen for you.

Motivational Sales Speakers show you that You can Chart you own Destiny

Andrew is one of the greatest motivational speakers in the field of sales training, he will show you that the moment you accept responsibility for everything in your life, you will get to choose and chart your own path through life. I can vouch for the fact that once you make this shift, you begin to live a more empowered and enjoyable life. Accept 100 % responsibility and you will get to reap the incredible rewards of the success and achievement it will bring.
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