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Just Do It Now!

When do you think the right time to do anything is? As they say in the classics the best time to have planted a tree is 20 years ago. Well what do you do, if you did not plant the tree 20 years ago? Then the second best time to plant it would be right now. Procrastination is the thief of success. Are you putting off doing things all the time, hoping that some kind of miracle will happen and the crucial daily activities you need to perform to achieve the success you desire are just going to happen on their own?

Labour Under Correct Knowledge

The research I have studied and my personal experience shows me that success seldom, if ever results from luck or chance. Unless by LUCK you mean that you will Labour Under Correct Knowledge every day, until you succeed. Success is not a random event, which happens to only the fortunate few. It is the result of daily conscious and targeted inspired effort. If you want to become an achiever, then adopt the adage of “If it is to be then it is up to me

Accept that you must uncover and even make your own opportunities happen in your business or personal life. Success does not come to daydreamers or to people who only vaguely desire something. It comes to those people who have huge expectations and who believe in their ability to bring those huge expectations to life. What do you believe you deserve and do you think that you have what it takes to get it?

Do It Now

If you want to succeed, you cannot put off for tomorrow, what must be done right now and every moment, which follows. You must have a “DO IT NOW attitude, which inspires you to take action daily. This attitude is the single most important thing, which will help you bridge the gap between your dreams and the future reality you desire. Are you procrastinating your way towards average or are you ready to get off your “But” and start taking the daily action you need to take to succeed. Oh and by the way, I did not spell “But” incorrectly. The “But” I am referring to here, are all the excuses you make as to why you can’t get going and start taking action right now.

  • But I don’t have enough money.
  • But I don’t have the skill I need.
  • But I am not strong enough.
  • But I am too —————- you fill in the blank.

The great Greek philosopher Plato said it so well when he said “If people would move the world, they must first move themselves” This enduring truth carried through the ages, conveys a simple yet obvious fact, which says that nothing can happen, unless we make it happen By first getting started and then continuing to take inspired action daily, until we succeed. So if you want to achieve anything meaningful with your life and you did not start 20 years ago, now is the perfect time to start. Now is the time to translate all your dreams and expectations into immediate action. Break free from the chains of procrastination as the more you procrastinate, the greater the chance you will miss opportunities, live a life of little or no productivity and remain trapped in a life of dissatisfaction.

Brilliant things only happen, when you make them happen

No matter how brilliant your ideas may be or how big the potential sale may be with a future prospect. Nothing will happen, until you take action to make it happen. Stop being a talker and start to take action, become a doer and achiever. Adopt a spark of urgency and light the fire of inspiration in your belly and you will gradually turn your dreams into reality.

Action Idea:

  • Have big expectations
  • Believe in your ability to bring your expectations to life.
  •   Know why you want to succeed.
  •  Exercise initiative.
  •  Set goals.
  • Put your plans in writing.
  •   Set time frames aside daily to take goal specific action.
  •   Take intelligent inspired action daily.

Follow this process for success and anything you can conceive and believe as possible for you will become your future reality. Adopt a “Do It Now” attitude because now is the perfect time to succeed.

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