Motivational Speakers – It is not only the Blind, who cannot see?

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It is not only the Blind, who cannot see?

It was thought in the past that if you kept doing what you have always done, you would just keep getting more of the same. I say with technological and all the other rapid changes going on all around us right now, If you keep doing what you have always done you will get far less than you always got, you can only coast in one direction – “DOWNHILL

Only by much searching and mining are gold and diamonds obtained, and a person can find every truth connected with his being, if he will dig deep into the mine of his soul.” – James Allen

I recently read a wonderful classic book, titled “Acres of Diamonds”. This book tells a story of a person who sold everything and chose to travel and search for diamonds, only to die penniless in the end. The irony though, is that the new owner of the land claim, discovered diamonds on the same land, in the area where the previous owner had decided there were no diamonds and so had not explored there at all.

Are you acting the same way in your life right now? Are you focused so intently on handling the issues or challenge you have at hand right now, that you are missing the incredible opportunities, which are right in front of and surrounding you right now? Are you missing what is right there, because you have not programmed your brain to see it?

What are you missing?

I show a video during some of my presentations, depicting two basketball teams, consisting of three players each. One team is dressed in white, the other in black. I tell the audience that it is an exercise to test their power of observance. I ask them to count how many times the team dressed in white, catches the ball. During the exercise a person dressed in a gorilla suite walks, through the middle of the group, stops, beats its chest and slowly walks on. Less than 10 % of the audience actually see the gorilla. They have programmed their minds to see only the white team and to count how many times they catch the ball.

If a room full of people can miss a huge gorilla on the screen in front of them, because they have not programmed their mind to see it, what do you think you could be missing in your life every day because, you have not programmed your mind to look for it. The programming I am referring to here is simply having a clearly defined vision and a set of goals for the future. In other words, you will have created a blue print or a set of instructions, which will programme your brain, so that it can easily identify all the opportunities or black gorillas around you.

Diamonds are waiting to be discovered

Just like the poor prospector in the classic “Acres of Diamonds” missed what was staring him in the face, so too, do we all go through our lives empty handed, despite the fact that opportunity is everywhere, all around us. As James Allen points out to us in “As A Man Thinketh”, the only way to actually see and discover your own gold and diamonds is todig deep into the mine of the soul.” It is here, he says, that we will find ‘Every Truth‘, which is connected to our being.

Dare to open your eyes and to finally start to see. We live in a truly magnificent and abundant universe. It is your birth right to share in all the abundance, which abounds. Now dare to believe, have huge expectations, invest into your personal development, programme your mind, by clarifying your vision and goals, take action daily and all the opportunities, which may be hidden from you right now, will as if by magic, start to appear to you.

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Andrew Horton

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