As one of the top Motivational speakers in Sales Training, I am certain That Nothing ever Happens to you

motivational speakers todayAs strange and difficult as this may be to accept or believe, but “NOTHING EVER HAPPENS TO YOU” everything which occurs in your life, both good and bad “HAPPEN BECAUSE OF YOU”. Andrew is one of the best motivational speakers in the field of sales training, he will try to explain exactly what  he means, by offering you an example. Everything, which happens around us, to us or others are merely events, “RIGHT”. Whether we see them as positive or negative is based on our perceptions, needs or expectations at the specific time, we observe each event.

Example: One of the best examples I can use to describe, the concept around everything being only an event, describes two little boys on a roller coaster ride. Both of them experience one event, namely the roller coaster ride. One has an internal conditioning, where he loves the sensation of being out of control, whilst the other is more sensitive and is terrified by the thought of a loss of control. One event occurs, yet two little boys emerge from the ride, one with a very positive experience he can’t wait to repeat, the other with a very negative, stomach wrenching memory, he would never like to repeat. One event occurred, yet two people, interpreted it in their own, unique way, based on their perceptions, expectations, fears, attitude etc.

Everything is just an Event – You give it meaning

Exactly the same is true about every event, which occurs in and around your own experience. Every one of them are merely events, but due to your needs, expectations circumstances, at the time, when the event occurs. You will get to identify each event, as either something, which has a positive or negative connotation for you.

Point of Understanding: If you give the point I am trying to make some deep thought, you will see that, everything which happens, just does, you get to give it meaning and value. Can you then see that by giving all the events, which occur in your life a positive or negative spin “NOTHING EVER HAPPENS TO YOU, EVERYTHING HAPPENS BECAUSE OF YOU”. In other words, if you are only ever exposed to events every day and the way you perceive or interpret those events, is due to your expectations, perceptions and at that specific time. Can you not change things, if you change those three elements? Things will change, when you change the way you look at them.

Motivational Speakers Make things happen for you

The greatest asset necessary to start any new venture, is vision, commitment and a deep rooted understanding of why you want to succeed in the first place. Yes of course it appears to the casual observer, that it is easier to start a business with a huge capital injection of funds. My experience has shown me that, this is not the case at all. I have seen businesses, succeed with no capital injection at all and have seen many businesses fail, despite the injection of massive seed capital. a massive injection of funds.


• When Pepsi, returned to South Africa, after the fall of apartheid, in the early 1990’s. They Invested more than $ 500 million into getting the business going, yet they failed to get the operation off the ground.
• Facebook, Apple computers, Virgin Records and Google, to name but a few, were started in dormitories and garages, with little or no funding at all, yet look at these goliaths today, only a few years later.

As can be seen from the examples above, a capital injection into your business is not what matters. Massive money injections into any venture can’t buy you a crystal ball and guarantee success in the future. The only sure-fire way to guarantee success is clarity of vision, your drive, passion, determination, daily commitment to action and a commitment towards self-discipline. These are the only methods I know of, which allow you to have a window into the future and that will support you to eventually enjoy your rightful place at the table of success, in the future.

Money does not buy Success – Your commitment does

Money without courage, ambition, passion or skills is worthless. A little money, on the other hand, combined with the crucial ingredients for success, namely vision, courage, passion, drive, a daily commitment to action and an on-going commitment towards continually growth, personal development, improved knowledge and enhanced ability, will on the other hand deliver incredible results, every time.


As you now know “NOTHING EVER HAPPENS TO YOU. THINGS HAPPEN BECAUSE OF YOU”, all you need to be successful, is clear about what you want and then to have the drive and determination to try until you succeed. Success in life is never about how much money you start out with. It is all about how much drive, determination and ambition you have. Commitment, passion and ambition, can cure anything, which an endless supply of money never could.

Success is yours for the taking

One of the top motivational speakers will highlight the formula for success is simple, keep growing, persist every day, regularly measure and improve your performance, be patient, allowing time for the desired results to roll in and over time you’re your dreams will come true. Remember that success is what you say it is so depending on your values and needs. This fortune may be in the form of great relationships, awesome health, a perfect vocation or loads and loads of money. Never allow the lack of money to keep you from opportunity. I would take drive, determination, courage, ambition, passion and faith, over money every time.

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Andrew Horton

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