Motivational Sales Speakers – Are you aware of what is happening in your world?

Motivational Sales Speakers

Are you aware of what is happening in your world?

Motivational Sales Speakers 2013You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to notice the rapid change going on all around you every day. Andrew is one of the top motivational sales speakers, who will show you that, If you want to survive and thrive, in this new world, with its ever increasing pace of change, you must become a keen observer. Never allow a day to pass without looking for answers, to a list of questions about what may be changing in your world.

Creating an inquisitive mind requires work; it is not something, which most people find easy to do though. Yes as children we were all curious and looked eagerly around our worlds to see the wonder it offered, but as we grew older society and its demands, forced us to switch off our inquisitive mind. Instead of looking and being fascinated, by the incredible things in our world, we allow the smallest thing to frustrate us. Becoming a keen observer requires you to re-awaken that child in you once again, so that you can once again observe things with fascination, instead of allowing frustration to limit your perspective.

Developing your power of observation

There are a few simple exercises, which I recommend you try, to re-awaken your slumbering powers of observation and creativity. Make a conscious effort to try to do something completely new every day. Simple things like eating or writing with your other hand, pushing the seek button on the radio and listening to different music on the radio, tell the waiter at the restaurant to bring you the item on the menu, which is listed at no 10, so that you can eat something new and surprising for a change. Or really do something different and arrange to go sky diving, mountain climbing, salsa dancing, to a rave party, or SCUBA diving etc.

All these unusual activities cause your brain to develop new neural pathways, which re-awaken your brain and get you thinking differently. My wife and I have a saying “When last did you do something new, for the first time”. We aim to do something really different and unusual at least once a month and more often if our schedule allows. Dare to try something new and to do things differently, all you stand to lose is your mundane life and you will gain a new more empowered brain.

Uncovering the Answers you seek

On a more practical level, draw-up a list of questions, which you ask yourself every week. Really invest time to try to find answers to the questions you pose for yourself. This exercise is only effective if you commit to invest sufficient time to search and discover answers to your questions. Obviously your questions will be unique to you and your needs. I have listed a few questions below which I use to keep abreast of changes in my world.

  • What is changed in my industry?
  • What has changed in the markets I service?
  • Are there any new opportunities, which have opened up for my services?
  • What has changed from a legislative perspective?
  • What changes are there in my community?
  • What changes are there in my Country?
  • What changes are there around the world?
  • What new challenges have presented themselves?
  • What new personalities are influencing the world?
  • What new tools, techniques and technologies have come to light?
  • How can I use any of these changes to my advantage?

Invest the effort to become an acute observer and astute evaluator of all the change going on in your world. You do not live in a bubble, so be aware that everything going on around you affects you in one way or another. As things continue to change at an ever increasing pace, the need to be aware of all the changes becomes even more important.
Inviting success into your experience requires you to be alert, awake and to observe life and all of the subtle messages it sends out. When you are aware you will see the most incredible opportunities, emerge from the most unexpected places. If you are not paying attention, observing and continually asking questions, these opportunities will pass you by, without you even being aware that they were there in the first place.

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