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Much of the research I have read from many renowned Psychologists shows that people miss out on upward of 68 % of all opportunities around them, simply because they are unaware of them or rather because they have not programmed their brain to be on the lookout for opportunity. Most people are locked in a coma of routine, habit and overinflated to do lists, so they don’t have time for anything else. They run on the hamster wheel of discontent and a self-imposed comfort zone, which is just familiar, but seldom if ever comfortable, so they miss all the important things around them..

Do you also suffer from an overstimulated calendar, filled with so many unnecessary tasks and errands, that you are trapped in a robotic state of “DOING” to just keep up and to try to get everything on that endless “To-Do” list done every day. It is time to break free from the harassed style of living and to wrestle back control of your life. It is time to break the habit of living in overwhelm and to change the negative behaviour of spinning your wheels every day, doing a myriad of unnecessary tasks, which do not do much more than make you feel busy every day. It is time to open your eyes and to start to see once again.

It is never too late to have a wonderful childhood

Allow yourself to break free from overwhelm and allow yourself to become childlike once again. I am talking about becoming childish and not caring about what happens in your life. I am suggesting that you re-visit your childhood once again, where you can live with open eyes and once again look around your world with expectant eyes, with eyes that see amazement and wonder all around. Dare to see once again and see through eyes, which have broken out of the coma of your daily routine and dare to once again explore and see the many opportunities which abound, all around you right now.

Open your eyes and see

I know the examples, I will list below, may sound silly and your adult mind will ask why I have even written them here. But don’t look at the examples I have written below from your adult perspective of overwhelm and routine. Instead use these wonders to try to open your mind to possibility and start to try and find wonders like these all around your own world. Once you start to see your world through enquiring, child-like eyes again, all sorts of wonders and opportunities, which were hidden from you before, will as if by magic begin to appear to you.

Did you know that?

  •  NASA, cannot duplicate the flight patterns of the Dragon Fly?
  • Butterflies only live for two days and they are never ever babies. They go from the cocoon to an adult butterfly.
  • The more pollution we pump into the atmosphere, the more brilliant the sunsets appear to us.
  • Zebras recognise their mothers by the positioning of their stripes and that the stripe patterns are never duplicated.
  • Crocodiles lay their eggs at different levels in the ground, as the temperature at which they develop determines the sex of the crocodile.
  • You cannot be unhappy with a smile on your face.
  •  You can change someone’s mood by just saying I Love You

I know you must be wondering what the heck all these unrelated facts have to do with you and why you should even care about them anyway. I am suggesting that you take time out of your hectic schedule to just sit and think about things like these. It will wake you up from the life time slumber you are stuck in right now and get you to start noticing the abundance, which exists all around you. There is an abundance of resources, opportunities, wisdom, love, grace and so many other things all around, if you are willing to break out of the coma, you are trapped in right now and just allow yourself to “SEE”.  


Imagine” what you could achieve, if you once again unlocked your natural risk taking ability and you looked around your world and you saw, all the opportunities, resources and everything else, which is available to you right now. “Imagine” how you could change your life, improve your business and get your life travelling down the path towards living all your dreams, if you could re-awaken that child in you and you could once again see all the wonder all around you. “Imagine” if you allowed yourself to cultivate that childlike thinking once again, “imagine” if you opened your mind and just allowed yourself to live and love. “IMAGINE

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Andrew Horton

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