Chip Away Each Day And Success Is Exactly What You Say.


Progress towards realizing your goals seem painfully slow and do you feel like you are losing interest in maintaining the disciplines you need to succeed? It is at times like these that you feel like caving in and returning to your old patterns or habits, which although comfortable, have kept you trapped in a place where you do not want to be.

If you want to break free and start on the path to living in the magic of life, you must find a way to overcome your tendency to return to your comfort zone every time you feel challenged or it feels like you are not making progress.

It all starts with belief and commitment, belief that as long as you keep taking small positive steps every day you can overcome any challenge or difficulty and an unstoppable commitment to keep carrying out these small positive steps every day that will deliver your dreams and help you to realize all your goals.

The pursuit of success and greatness is achieved one small success at a time. Commit to design every day from now on, so that you complete as many small successes as possible each day and then repeat this process for the next week, then for the next month and finally for the next twelve months and you will have created a year filled with the results you desire.

When a brick layer starts to build a massive wall, the task seems impossible, but as long as the bricklayer shows up every day and lays his bricks in the wall, eventually the impossible turns into the most massive of structures, with each tiny brick bearing some of the load of the wall.

The same is true for those that are seeking to improve their lives, they need to show up every day and commit to lay as many bricks into their wall of success as possible. They must then believe in their potential to complete the wall and just keep adding one brick at a time until their wall is complete.

Just as the bricklayer could only lay so many bricks every day, if he wanted to build a quality wall that could withstand the ravages of time, so too are you able to only complete so many tasks every day, if you are to build a wall of sustainable success.

Commit to carry out only enough tasks each day, never over commit yourself or rush blindly into tasks, attempting to complete the largest number of tasks in the shortest possible time. Commit to a realistic number of tasks each day, never attempt to do tomorrows or next weeks tasks today. It is the quality and not the quantity of tasks completed each day that counts.

Success is never a matter of luck, but rather a process that can be predicted and guaranteed as long as you commit to following your plan for success and you keep producing one successful result after another, one successful day after another and you keep repeating these until you succeed.

Commit to your plan for success and keep chipping away every day, and never allow yourself to become impatient and anything and everything becomes possible for you. I guarantee it.


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