Choose The People You Hang Out With Very Carefully


When you are faced with any challenges or beginning a new project, choose your support group very carefully. A well-chosen support group of trusted advisors will contribute invaluable information when needed and will offer guidance when the going gets tough. Be selective with whom you entrust your dreams and ensure that your support group speaks to your highest self and that they see your greatness in their hearts.

Time spent with optimists is time invested wisely, for the measure of a real optimist is not in the fact that they always see their glass as half full, but that they also see the abundance that exists all around them and are therefore willing to share their half full glass with you.

SAndrew is one of the most entertaining motivational speakers in the field of time management training, he will show you that sometimes we need to change our diet of the people we hang out with because they bring us down and bring Negativity into our lives. Ultimately we need to be able to be around any one and still remain centered and at Peace!

The path to living your dreams is far shorter and a lot less lonely if you surround yourself with the right people. It is important to surround yourself with people from whom you can learn, gain support and help, and get the encouragement you will need to keep going even when things get difficult

There are several ways to create the positive environment that will help lift you closer to your success. Seek people who are successful and who have done what you hope to do and work to include them in your network. Get a mentor to guide and assist you. Identify what you want to learn and connect with the expert in that specific area and then immerse yourself in positive listening, watching, and reading.

Step outside of your ego for a moment and ask yourself, “Do the people I surround myself with, measure up to my beliefs, values, attitudes and expectations?” Have the courage to remove the people that don’t and search for, and ADD people that DO!


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