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What are you going to do starting right now that is going to make a difference in your life? You are capable of the most remarkable, incredible and unbelievable things, when you build a real belief in your self and your abilities. You are equipped with many gifts that will allow you to change into the best you possible, if you are willing to apply yourself and use these gifts to create your success

Find people that reflect exactly the type of success you desire and then spend as much time with those people as possible. When you spend time around people with goals and plans, people who are striving to make something of their lives and have high aspirations, exactly that will be reflected back at you and you will soar to new heights of success and excellence.

Your energy and drive is always greatest in the areas of your life you consider most important & you are most inspired & passionate when you are doing things that have great significance for you. It should therefore be obvious that, sustainable & effortless success can only be achieved when you do something that you enjoy & are passionate about.

Refuse to be a victim any longer & accept that you MUST take responsibility for your life. Success is not some elusive mystery, reserved for the gifted few, it is the product of decisive action, finding & applying the right skills & education & an acceptance that you become unstoppable when you consistently apply inspired action to everything worthwhile in your life.

How BIG is your NEED TO SUCCEED? FOR!! When your NEED TO SUCCEED exceeds your need to GOOF OFF or waste time on trivial unimportant activities, only then will you be prepared and able to take the consistent inspired action needed to realize your own BRILLIANCE.

CONSISTENCY is the one discipline that will deliver your dreams and give you the edge, to make you succeed at almost anything. Strategize on how to maintain your commitment to stay consistent and then put a process in place to ensure that you develop a habit set that promotes and sustains this commitment, as you progressively, chip away at your success.


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Andrew Horton

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