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Take a real good look at who you really are & see how much you actually have going for yourself. Happiness is not something you find, it is something you are. Find all the reasons to feel content & happy, take time to look there are plenty. Once you have identified all the plus’s in your life, make a point of sharing them with someone close to you & allow yourself to feel pride & pleasure in who you really are.

Then choose happiness as the manner in which you travel through life and joy as your mode of transport. True happiness is never something you discover at one of the destinations you arrive at, it is the very reason we get to make this magnificent journey at all.

You will garner from this motivational talk that the essential ingredients for living in perpetual happiness are firstly to have something meaningful to do, secondly something worthwhile to love, thirdly something to hope for and finally a clear vision and life purpose.

Your happiness will sow lasting benefits on everyone you have contact with and anonymous benefits upon the world as a whole. Make happiness your number one priority and you and everyone around you will reap the benefits this practice will bring.
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Andrew Horton

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